Let’s raise voice the injustice being done to Hitler


Lassen Sie uns die Ungerechtigkeit, die Hitler angetan wird, zur Sprache bringen


Isn’t it injustice to take up something from someone and make use of it widely, but without giving the least credit to him/her? It is indeed. The world is full of a variety of ideologies propounded by “great men” from time to time, each having its own followers. When people find some characteristics in themselves that are in accord with certain ideology, they affiliate themselves to it giving credit to its founder for being there to give a name and voice to their innermost thoughts and ideas, and also to derive strength for their familiar attitude. The followers of different ideologies give due credit to their respective founders by associating and calling themselves accordingly as Marxists, Communists, Socialists, Realists, Idealists, Naturalists, etc., except the followers of Hitler and Mussolini who are never heard calling themselves as Fascists, though the Fascism is the most widely followed ideology in the present era. It is prevalent everywhere, both in thought and action, but without having given its proper name and, thus, its founders having given no cognizance for their contribution in shaping the modern world scenario.

I used to believe that in any nation, it is just a little minority that

supports and approves the fascist forces and their activities for their own vested interests while the majority being sensible and humane enough to abhor and reject such attitudes along with their perpetrators, but the reality has turned out to be rather vice-versa. It seems to be the choice of masses now. It may be surprising for people like me, but it is not where my objection lies because we live in a free world, everyone having the right to choose and follow what he/she likes. What seems more deceiving and unnatural to me is the people’s negative attitude towards people like Hitler and Mussolini while happily approving their modern versions. If there is nothing wrong in keeping a fascist attitude and following a fascist agenda, as shown by the approval given to it by masses, what is the poor Hitler being hated for? Why is he so infamous? Why is he treated as a villain and not as a hero (or even as a god) like his modern successors?

Hence, the poor Hitler has been wronged in two ways. Firstly, people follow his ways and ideas without having him acknowledged as their leader and precursor in that field, ignoring the effort put by him in establishing their attitude as an ideology, thus denying him his due credit for having his followers everywhere, particularly among the high and powerful ranks. Secondly, he has been suffering the injustice of being condemned for his actions, even to the extent of having denied the status of a human, while the same actions, performed by his followers, are highly rewarded now. Why is he to be put to the double standards of the contemporary world? Remember, he is a Christian, not a Muslim. So, the double standards devised exclusively for the Muslims cannot and should not be applied on him.

After-all, what seems a mistake on his part is just that he was born a bit early for his ideology and actions to be accommodated by the world. Had he existed a little later, in the present era, he would have founded his followers all over the world, providing him immense support and power. Or, may be, his only mistake was that he chose Jews, rather than Muslims, as his victims. And the irony of all ironies lies in the fact that his most adherent followers are now the ones who once have been the victims of his “innocent crimes”, because they themselves are now “innocently” committing the same crimes against others to fulfill their imperialistic agenda, along with providing the education, training and all types of assistance to the fascist forces all over the globe to bring the world to a state of chaos.

It is a matter of pity for the human race that the extinction of a few species of animals or birds is taken as a serious matter by the world, but no attention is being paid to the extinction of the most basic human values from amongst the humans like sense of justice, healthy conscience, compassion, tolerance, common sense, moral sense, etc., which, in a way, is leading gradually to the extinction of the human species itself; for without such qualities, these creatures walking on two legs could be called anything but humans. Because, the humanity lies not in the physical structure of a human being, but in being humane with one’s fellow creatures, a thing that is becoming extinct with the world getting swept by the Fascist forces.

34 comments on “Let’s raise voice the injustice being done to Hitler

  1. too good….hitler must read this…hehhe…atleast he will feel some proud on himself .

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  2. And I thought I was the only one who felt this way about him !

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  3. Wandering through your blog here… I think I understand the satire in this piece – and my observation of the “Western” world proves you to be correct. Fascism is alive and well in the world, and that is because Fascism is the political side of Capitalism. The more capitalism, the more fascism.

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    • Capitalism we live under is now the epitome of greed & inequality, it uses the hard work of the majority only to profit the minority elite.

      Capitalism’s just the financial sector of colonialism, in order for one nation to be wealthy have to have stolen that wealth from another.


  4. That is sure food for thought, your helped me think about this, and yes I agree that today the same horrible crimes are being done against other groups including Muslims (example in Palestine). It is good reasoning.

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  5. “Capitalism is just the financial sector (aspect?) of colonialism,” I never saw it that clearly before. That is too true. Thanks for pointing this out.

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  6. Who do you mean by the modern successors? As much I have seen racism and things as such are highly condemned by truly modern people.
    As such at our place we usually tend to compare many people with Hitler: those who do their work with a tight fist, those who discriminate against other religions and mostly those politicians who tend to get work done( that at least is positive). I wish to read Mein Kampf to know more about the person who has made into pages of world history. I wish that he had done more good so his positives could be highlighted. But we learn only about Gestapo and Auschwitz. It would be terribly inhumane to call that man humane in this perspective. Nazi Rule remains a sad story and will till the end of the world.
    “Mistakes you can learn from; sins stay with you forever.”- Corey Taylor

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  7. This is soo good, may I reblog this??? Please

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