We are equal but we are not the same


When Islam freed the people from paganism, equality between men and women was established. But somehow, somewhere, women in the west lost true meanings of ‘equality’ and ‘liberation’. As a result, there began a movement whose goal was to have women treated and thought of ‘ the same’ as men – no distinctions, no discriminations. This demand is not compatibles with a woman’s physical or spiritual nature. Because she is created in many ways distinctly different than a man. Modern women want to diminish the impact of these differences. This is an alarming sign that something is quite amiss. Women are not living their lives the way they are entitled, and they do not want to admit having any limitations nor admit their vulnerabilities as women. However, regardless of how much legislation has passed to treat women the same as men, one fact will remain eternally unchanged: the female gender was created with different needs and capabilities than that of male. Not less, not substandard, not lacking – just different. Simply put, a woman and a man should complement each other: ideally they complete each other in marriage.

If feminists achieve their goal to be like men, it will force them to alter their true nature, when they reach the plateau, there will be androgyny. The signs of these are predominantly seen in western societies where women are dressing and behaving aggressively, even ‘ manly’ to prove themselves.

Major differences  between men and women should be mentioned to establish a groundwork first and by far the most major difference between men and women is the fact that the male human is physically stronger than the female. Men simply have a much larger muscle mass than women. Additionally, their bones are larger. Women are usually smaller framed, and they have more fat on their bodies. Women and men differ in their hormonal chemistry. These not only effect personality traits but can also alter the emotions and cognitive functions of the brain.

Hormone level vary between men and women, and they have different kinds of hormones and chemistry make-up. A man’s hormones remain more steady, while women’s hormones tend to fluctuate throughout their lifetime, especially during menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause. During these times women can experience swings in body weight, moods and physical stamina. For example, some women experience menstrual periods that are quite debilitating. Most women experience some physical, emotional or mental symptoms related to hormonal fluctuations at this time, and to varying degrees, all women experience some stress-related fatigue or irritability. The condition is so widespread that the medical community coined the term PMS (premenstrual syndrome).

In America, courts of law now recognize this syndrome as a precursor to some violent and even bizarre acts committed by women. In fact, women have used PMS as a part of their defence strategy in court. The attention and approval for the courts regarding these defence motions created quite a stir between both sexes. Certainly, feminists opposed the courts validating this significant gender difference. At the same time, many men railed against the idea  that women should be prosecuted differently because of their hormonal fluctuations. The undeniable fact remains that women are using their physical differences to their advantage in these cases.

Postpartum depression is another physical condition exclusive to the female gender. For some women postpartum depression can develop a few days or even months after child birth. Defence  lawyers argue that this postnatal depression caused their clients to kill or endanger the lives of their new-borns.

Pregnancy is, ofcourse, another major difference between men and women. Pregnancy, childbirth and childbearing is not only physically and emotionally challenging, it is a full-time job. It is also the most significant difference among men and women in terms of role playing. This is the dividing line separating men from women. Pregnancy alters a women’s life dramatically. It is not an easy task. For one, pregnancy  is often a confining period which slows down the body to varying degrees. Women should be given time to recuperate after the birth and given time to care for their baby in safe, peaceful and supportive family environment.

The differences between men and women do not end here. Men and women are not sexually oriented in quite the same way either. Very simply, due to his anatomy and physical strength a man is able to force sex upon a woman, but most women cannot force a man into having sexual intercourse. Therefore, women are more vulnerable to sexual harassment. Can most women physically or sexually threaten a man? Can most women break into man’s house, physically overpower him and then molest or rape him? The answer is obvious.

Another often ignored difference existing between females and males are the ways they are sexually aroused. Studies conducted by behaviourists, psychologists and sociologists have concluded that men are sexually stimulated primarily by visual stimuli. This could explain why men are more gratified by pornographic material than women. In fact, the entire pornographic industry (from publications, female strip shows, topless bars and pornographic films) is male-dominated. , that is men produce it for men. Unfortunately, it is the women who voluntarily contribute to the success of the pornographic empire by debasing themselves in print, film, etc. Although muslim women have been modest and chaste to ensure their protection and dignity for the past 1400 years, it is interesting that modern-day psychologists  are now ‘discovering’ the power of visual sexual stimuli for men and are advising women to dress appropriately to avoid ‘possible problems’.

There also exist fundamental core difference in the ways men and women experience life. Women will admit the difference between sexes when it is convenient to do so. For example, in professional sports or at Olympics, women willingly do not compete in the same sport against men. Conversely, women demand and sue for entrance into Citadel, a once all-male military academy in south Carolina. Although these women might pass the academic entrance exams, physical endurance tests, etc., there seems no cause for celebration. Most people object to seeing their husbands or sons drafted for military duty. And now, mothers, daughters, nieces and aunts are being drafted as well.

This quest for equality resembles other demands from women to be treated the same as men but which enslaves them to the system. It does not promote the family unit, marriage, or the woman’s role as nurturer for her children. Will women be segregated on the battlefield so they will not be raped and pillaged by their own comrades? Further along these lines, it can be predicted that when a female infantry is seized, female prisoners of war will certainly give war a new meaning. They will undoubtedly become victims of the enemy camp. Will her training, physical ability and guns help her there?

Overall, the differences between men and women and the impact they have on women is astounding. Why these issues continue to be brushed aside is unbelievably degrading and dangerous for women.

28 comments on “We are equal but we are not the same

  1. a very comprehensive & thought provoking article on a very sensitive issue

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  2. I agree with you Imran ..in all the points you mentioned about the differences between a male and a female
    You also dealt with the issue socially and scientifically as well.

    I see that the claim of equality at our modern time turned the woman into an exhausted and melancholic person..cause her role was different than in the past.
    Today the female has more responsibilities and burdens than ever and that sometimes affects her relation with her children
    In my opinion if we understand Qoran well ..we will discover that God is merciful in dealing with a female ..but these modern claims are really cruel
    Thanks brother Imran
    I wish you more progress in your blog and your life..Ameen

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  3. Yes, absolutely brother! The functions n the duties between men n women are already clear. Allah has created men n women with specific characteristics n specific responsibilities in their lives. Thank you for sharing the link with me. 😊

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  4. Some good pointers and reminders.

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  5. even the Hb level is different,the rbs count is different.How could anyone with lower Hb and oxygen carrying capacity,could carry out the same activities as a person with much higher Hb level?
    Allah knew all that so He did not assign same responsibilities to both the genders.

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  6. I’m in love with your wiring. So on point! ماش الله 💕

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  7. This needs to be communicated to as many people as possible. It’s high time that we must realise the exact distinguishing lines between the gender roles. I am a woman myself and I stress a lot on women getting the best education, setting goals, highly independent keeping in mind you are not disturbing the ecosystem. Women need to be empowered, no doubt but not at the cost of a war against men. There’s no need for them to race against men. We must understand this.

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  8. Very controversial!

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  9. Hmmmm ….thought provoking …has ‘feminism’ as an acknowledgement of equality and empowerment been skewed?
    Have women HAD to adopt more masculine traits to get their voices heard but shot themselves in the foot somewhat in terms of finding they are left with the nigh on impossible task of ‘doing it all’?
    I guess so to a degree….but men also need to examine how they view women and share responsibility for how women have felt they needed/need to act …..it’s a two way process
    Men STILL very much hold the power in ALL societies …it should be a mutual/reciprocal relationship of equality between the male/female …yin/yan if you like ….only then will there be true balance in my view

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  10. Well ….deriving strength from others weakness seems to be the CURRENT system ….the one many women are up against a lot of the time ….both the feminine and masculine are needed equally and in balance in society I feel
    Hmmmmmm ……I feel a post of my own coming on:D:D:D
    I’m thinking ‘What IS feminism’?
    and why does the term put people off …..the brain coggs are whirring:D:D

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  11. Hi Imran, interesting points, but these have been overcome 🙂

    Feminism doesn’t deny any fundamental difference between male and female, it aims to bring equality before the law to both men and women. It also asks to lay aside the perceived gender of a person, when you are dealing with them, and respect that they are a human being first and foremost. This is what has happened in the West, … and women are free here, to CHOOSE the life they would like – whether that be mother and homemaker, soldier, politician, judge, medic, traveller, scholar, etc… They are given the opportunity to participate in society through as many roles as they choose, this is a world-first freedom that women in the west have in the 21st Century. And men respect this! It is fantastic!

    I would go further and state that women have the freedom to develop their gifts from God – which is why the west is so diverse, colourful, exciting and pluralistic. Each individual has personal freedom and responsibility to express themselves through their lifetime – I couldn’t imagine living any other way.

    I’m glad you liked my blog post: https://chamomilepearl.wordpress.com/2016/06/01/the-house-wife/ >> Some aspects of career life/motherhood have been skewed for women, and many feel they have to “make it in a man’s world” – but this is only a tiny minority. The point is, we can choose what we do about it. And I am an example of this. I grew up in New Zealand and now live in Australia – maybe it is much harder for women in other western democratic capitalist societies, but we can figure this out together!

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  12. Hi there Imran and thanks for stopping by
    I agree with Katie. Things are so much better for women in Australia today than when our mothers were growing up. It’s the choices today that frighten people, both men and women. And the differences! There are so many differences between us all, men and women. Think of the continuum that goes from “maleness” to “femaleness” and the reverse! It’s frightening, I know. Carl Jung wrote about this, when he talked about the “animus” and the “anima”. We all have maleness and femaleness within each one of us. But that said, the similarities are also greater than the differences, in human terms: a contradiction, I know. Just think about how gays of both sexes had to conceal their identity not so long ago in this country. We are blessed, indeed!

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  13. As usual, my Dear Imran, a great title, but.

    you talk of hormones and what not. What happens to Women on certain days of the month, etc, etc.

    How Women are the weaker sex, in that, for example, what would happen to them in War if they were captured, etc.

    But Wars, Occupation of Countries, and MOST of the humankind’s ills ‘WERE NOT STARTED BY WOMEN.’

    From Nero to Genghis Khan to the Idi Amins, Pol Pots, and Saddam Husseins, and the other too many too numerous to mention, Most of the Misery of Mankind was Started, and is Maintained, by the Male.

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  14. Reblogged this on lovehappinessandpeace and commented:

    As usual, my Dear Imran, a great title, but.

    you talk of hormones and what not. What happens to Women on certain days of the month, etc, etc.

    How Women are the weaker sex, in that, for example, what would happen to them in War if they were captured, etc.

    But Wars, Occupation of Countries, and MOST of the humankind’s ills ‘WERE NOT STARTED BY WOMEN.’

    From Nero to Genghis Khan to the Idi Amins, Pol Pots, and Saddam Husseins, and the other too many too numerous to mention, Most of the Misery of Mankind was Started, and is Maintained, by the Male.


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  15. Agree with u

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  16. Very interesting post, but am not so sure about the idea that feminism is we women trying to be man. Why should or would I need to become a man? Am I ashamed of my sexual identity no, as a feminist and Muslim feminist I find it very difficult to deal with my own culture’s annoying mindset that feminists want to be men and brushing aside of serious crimes against women saying feminists are man haters, using the ‘B’ word and so so.

    So the phrase as your rightly put over there,does not hold validity for all feminists, or has little to do with intersectional feminism that is realm of women of color aside from western white cultures, ‘If feminists achieve their goal to be like men, it will force them to alter their true nature, when they reach the plateau, there will be androgyny. ‘

    But being a human and woman, if we are getting pushed aside, cast like tissue paper and disposed as bodies which only bring ‘dishonor’ while so called honor and respect is the birth right of men, than I have a lot, and I say this with great humility and sincerity a LOT OF PROBLEMS.

    Islam has nowhere prescribed disrespect and dishonoring of the female sex neither in Quran and neither Sunnah, but we see the 90+% Muslims doing opposite in name of Islam and having not even any basic respect for any women they interact whether in personal or public sphere. Therefore the Muslim Ummah needs to kindly walk towards the 21st century and also look at Islamic history which is full of men and women’s equal participation and emancipation.

    Muslim women and Muslim feminists in many places are asking for dignity and right to live? Is that normal? in 2018?

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    • Yeah that’s right
      I meant here women trying to be men in western context here.
      Yes there are many cases and our incompetent ulema wrongly interpreted Islam’s gender inequality
      Therefore the outcome is they trying to suppressed women. Not all but yes many.

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