Deception of Materialism


Revolt against the Lord and Creator

It has been, indeed, one of the greatest misfortunes of the world as well as humanity that modern western cultural impulse against and ideas took shape at a time when the revolt against the religion in general and against the realities beyond the ken of human perceptions in particular, had already captured the minds and hearts of the christian nations which had entrenched themselves againstΒ  a priestly order exploiting nations for the sake of the base desires and selfish ends. Uncompromising opposition to the worldly knowledge by the christian church which had set face against improvement of the condition of the earthly life, coupled with immorality fanaticism and ignorance of fathers; forced the people in the west to take a materialistic bias to the endeavours concerning intellectual and cultural development, industrial progress and social growth of the nations.

As this Lop-sided development increased, it decreased in balancing the spiritual relationship between man and His creator. All these consequences were, it would seem, the product of inborn tendencies, temperatures, peculiar circumstances and the social and religious order of the European people. The new civilization was born and brought up in an atmosphere surcharged with atheistic and amoral tendencies. Phenomenal progress in the field of physical sciences, industry, and technology of the other hand enabled man to conquer the space and set his foot on the moon.

The ever-increasing material progress, control over the forces of nature and dynamic explanation of human potentialities promising ultimate mastership over the universe has in consequence given rise to anti-God materialism which has become the champion of anti-religious thought and action. It has become the distinctive and the dominant characteristic of the modern materialistic civilization. We do not know of any other civilization so ruthlessly materialistic and at the same time so thoroughly God-opposing hostile to everything divine in origin or religious in principle and method, craving for material power and pleasure and claiming an unquestioning submission to its own impulsions and ideas.


34 comments on “Deception of Materialism

  1. Very thought-provoking again, Imran.

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      • Well Imran, I like my new title! Hope you are keeping well. Your post are all thought-provoking and tend to need some time to read and fully digest. You obviously feel strongly about what you write.

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      • Yeah …u r professor
        Well i believe wat i believe strongly …but i also welcome healthy n positive criticism …
        Regards !!
        Anyway ….Nice Hat

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      • Positive criticism is always good. I feel the same way about my books – and my posts.It makes you think about what you can do to make things better. I can’t criticise your faith, Imran, because I totally believe we are all free to worship as we choose. I respect that right sincerely, as I respect freedom of thought. I love to learn about other religions. In fact most secondary schools in Britain teach about the five main world religions (Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Seikhism). As a geography and history teacher, and member of the humanities team, I’ve taught R.E. for many years (Religious Education). Our aim is to develop understanding of each other’s beliefs and traditions, and thereby foster better tolerance. Britain is now a very multi-cultural nation, and we all have to live together peacefully. Hopefully this will happen one day. In most places in the UK it already has.
        My hat is a sun hat! I only have need for it when we go abroad. I wore it in Andalucia in May this year, but that silly photo was taken in Malta last September. We’re going ther again in two weeks’ time, so the hat will come out onve again. We have a time share there and tend to go in September every year. πŸ™‚

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      • Ohho !
        I didnt know that you are a teacher,
        I ve rightly gave u professor title,
        Yeah i agree with whole heartedly ..v shud know about other faiths …as much as v know v.ll become more tolerant to others faith ..i am Glad to see such a nice comment ..thanks!

        prof Millie

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      • Hello agian. Imran. Thank you for your lovely comment, too. I loved teaching but, as we discussed on a previous post of yours, it can be very hard to keep a career going and run a happy family. My family always came first. Having six children was wonderful – I’d always wanted a big family. I had several years at home when they were all young, of course. Very happy times. My main teaching subjects are geography and history, and my degree is geology, which I’ve taught to much older students. Now I write instead. I have to do something to keep my myself busy now the children have all left home! Haha.
        Hope you’re having a lovely weekend, Imran. πŸ™‚

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      • I am glad to hear from a English Lady!
        Wenever i.ll marry im going have a big family as well …God willing !
        I want a whole football and a Cricket team.
        And i promise my children wud never leave us
        As i never left my parent alone

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      • I have four sons and two daughters, and we’re all very close. All but the youngest live close by, so we still see those often.We’re not left alone for very long! Our youngest son has a job that sends him all over the world, so he’s rarely in England. We miss him terribly, of course, but we’re pleased that he has such a high-flying job. He always was a genius with computers! I’m hoping we’ll see him in October.
        I hope you find a wonderful wife and have a lovely family, too. Funnily enough, all six of mine used to get together and play cricket, even the girls. It’s chaos here when they all get together now – and so wonderful for us. πŸ™‚

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      • I happy for you ! Ma’am Mille
        Convey my Greetings n well wishes to them …May God Almighty protect all of you from all evils.
        Stay blessed n stay stylish.

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      • Thank you, Imran. I’ll do that. Talk again soon… Millie. πŸ™‚

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  2. Deception of materialism is an important issue and you dealt with it well
    But also we as relogouse societies have to carry the responsibility twards that lack of faith and we will be judged by Allah at the day of judgment
    Thanks Brother Imran

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  3. Thank you again for enjoying my blogs.

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  4. Very interesting perception and a great read I must say !! Thanks for going on a like spree over here at my blog πŸ™‚ made me follow you down to this intriguing world of yours. Enjoying so far. Looking forward to more ! Great bumping into u !

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  5. Incredible! So true how there is a lack of substance and a sense of our spiritual being. Well-written!

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  6. This is a very insightful read. Indeed, the world is fast declining into mere materialism-driven culture. It is bad enough already. But couple that with contempt for anything holy and sacred, and we are facing something worse. Humanity can be both capable of something beautiful and destructive. Thank you for this food for thought. πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks for your encoiragment and priceless input
      May God Bless you !

      Regards !!


    • Material Progress Alone Cannot Bring Satisfaction Β 

      Jesus said, ‘Man cannot live by bread alone’. Here, bread means material progress. Man has two aspects to his personality – physical and spiritual. No matter how much progress one achieves at the material level, one continues to experience dissatisfaction. This is because, despite the material progress, one continues to lead a life of spiritual starvation. Man must feed both sides of his personality in order to achieve satisfaction.Β 

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  7. My Dear Imran, Yes, Materialism is bad.

    But this is nothing new. India had its ‘Carvak,’ Rome had its Decadence, and Every Nation, through all time, has had it. So it is not the ‘Christian’ side alone that is to blame.

    But Yes, We Humans have to Realize that Setting foot on the Moon was Not an Important thing at all. More Important is whether there is Satisfaction, Happiness and Peace in one’s own Heart and Household.

    And that, We Human Beings consistently Refuse to Reflect on! πŸ™‚


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    • Thank you ..Honarable Swamy ji !

      All due respect to you !
      But the whole world following successfuly the “New World Order” …which is also a western captilistic democracy highly based on pure materialistic ideology.

      Love &

      Your brother in humanity & fellow indian.
      Imran Ali*


  8. “Wealth is not in vast riches but wealth is in self-contentment.” (Bukhari, Muslim)

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  9. Well, I did thank you for enjoying my blogs. That explains the comments on Deception of Materialism. Take care.

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  10. Very well written ❀ Materialism and consumerism are spreading like cancers in our societies. We always seeking more, nothing is enough.

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  11. Your actions are judged by your motives. Do it for worldly gains, that’s what you’ll get. He knows what’s in your heart; you can’t hide it.


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