Matter and Mind: Both Mysterious



Life and consciousness are neither matter nor an outcome of the revolution of matter. Matter and spirit are two separate things, but science is unaware of thier structure and nature. Spirit is invisible and is beyond any experiment in laboratory, yet at the same time, it is perceptible and undeniable. Even the matter, in its final analysis, is nothing but a mysterious collection of a few electric particles and waves. Still, the question of electricity, its nature, reality, and the nature of its posiive and negative charges clearly fall into a domain that is beyond human comprehension. No scientist in the world could reveal it. Let alone consciousness, even matter is incomprehensionible in its detail.

Since consciousness and life are beyond human comprehension and cannot be subjected to experimentation in laboratory, and seeing, thinking, comprehending, planning, and action necessarily emanate from life and consciousness, they all lead us to accept the fact that there exists a metaphysical power which plans, designs, thinks, and effects things and events to happen. It also flows from it that he is equipped with great power and endowed with magnificent qualities that go into shaping of this great universe with all its diverse manifestations.

Thus, the creation of this universe, its purposefulness, and its flawless operation is not possible without a creator of immense potential. However, some ninteenth century scientists were so impressed with certain geological and celestial discoveries that they fell back upon the archaic physical concepts and completly ignored the importance of life and consciousness among the living beings. They went to the extent of likening man to a mechanical object absolutely devoid of any freedom of choice in action. All of his actions were attributed to the celestial explosion billions of years ago, modern psychologists, particularly the ones dealing with behavioural sciences in the United States, began to trot out mechanical interpretations of the human psychology. This characterisation dismisses every human action as natural and beyond the pale of accountablity. Even more perversely, all traditional notions of ethics were discarded as absurd, and man was considered totally a slave of his whims and fancies. It is why the criminals are now prescribed psychological treatments rather than punishment.

52 comments on “Matter and Mind: Both Mysterious

  1. Hello Imran 🙂
    It’s a thought provoking post and I agree.
    Though beyond all duality I feel there is unity–one-whole.
    Matter, consciousness and super-consciousness are one in the essence.
    If there is duality and trinity–truth is missing because law of unity is supreme.
    Love and light ❤
    Anand 🙂

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  2. Isn’t ideology beautiful.

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  3. VERY well written, my Dear Imran. Kudos. Keep up the Good work. Regards.

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  4. Allah says in the holy Qoran
    ( and they ask you (oh Mohammed)about the soul ..say the soul is of the affair of my Lord .And mankind have not been given of knowledge except a little ( Surat Al Israa)
    Great post Imran
    Thanks for sharing
    Have a good day.

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  5. Well, another great post from you and I am not surprised, it is brilliant and thought provoking ! I do agree to all above , it is nice how you went in depth using matter, ions ,electrons to explain your point.

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  6. A very well reasoned and thought provoking post, Imran. You have followed your argument through well. As a geologist by training, naturally I have my own views on the importance of geological discoveries. But I appreciate your views on the matter. Thank you for voicing them.

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  7. MashaAllah boht umdah Imran, Allah pak aapki wisdom mei mazeed izafa karay ameen

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  8. It’s thought provoking..the dotted connection between matter and mind and the pointers on consciousness is perfectly described…awesomely written!

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  9. Material Reductionism
    and the Devil
    of details..
    is the
    sin of
    modern day
    living separate
    from the bigger vision
    of GOD gifted to us
    with God’s

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  11. I have yet to discover a science that successfully can study life and consciousness in the metaphysical form… Maybe religion?

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  12. Very, very good. Even as I study psychology, I have come to the same conclusions you have. Psychologists use mechanical methods to figure out the human psyche. It doesn’t complete the picture. Life and consciousness do. The only way to study life and consciousness in my opinion is through daily living and daily observations. Although religion might be able to bridge some gaps, too.

    (Sorry for commenting twice. This post was THAT thought-provoking.)

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  13. Thank you. These are topics worthy of discussion.

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  14. Very insightful post, well tailored! Loved the ending 🙂

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  15. [19/02 19:54] imran ali: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KUy6tykNR38
    [19/02 19:54] imran ali: Science proves belief in God is natural. And
    Belief in Atheism is ununatural


  16. Acknowledging The Creator as the Mastermind of the universe is the first step towards understanding the mystery of mind over matter. Or else , it is a vain endless speculation. For adherents of monotheistic religion, the pursuit of the truth should be in parallel with divine inscriptions.

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