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IQRA: How Muslims addressed this call

Iqra: How Muslims Addressed this Call “IQRA” is the first word of the first revelation of Islam to Prophet Mohammad, an Arabic word which literally means: “Read”. Muslims since then have tried to do justice to this call for knowledge and learning by setting up an elaborate system of education and learning all through the […]

Woman ‘Liberation’ has only Caused Misery

A society where men and women are bombarded with a variety of sexual imagery at all times of the day weather on televisions, billboards, newspapers, or magazines will lead inevitably to widespread sexual agitation. Such societies implicitly encourage citizens to compete in latest fashions that vie to fetishize certain parts of their bodies. For women […]

Reasoning with the Miguided people

REASONING WITH THE MISGUIDED PEOPLE The Qur’an is a book of argumentation against infidelity, polytheism, and atheism in the same way as it a book of legislation on Shariah matters.  This is why intellectual and rational arguments, permeating all through it, have been advanced chiefly against infidels, polyththeists, Jews, Christians, and athiests or materialists.  Reasoning […]