Physics Explain Metaphysics 

Human senses are limited in their capacity to see, feel, or measure objects. Thus, they constrict the domain of human knowledge. Be it the reality of an atom or what lies beyond this universe, these are the facts that are beyond the human capacity to perceive. It can merely be based on guess or speculation. Help could be sought from the rules that govern the natural phenomena. Thus, one could be partly successful in explaining the metaphysical phenomena arguing from these physical phenomena. Even the physical world carries several hints about the metaphysical domain. Without this, even this world would perhaps be much more mysterious place. Inherent in the physical phenomena is the fact that there exists a great source of metaphysical power, which pulls the string all over the vast universe. And these metaphysical realities could only be perceived and proved through argument, which clearly lies in the ambit of philosophy.

It must be understood here that partial realities of the physical world could act as a set of premises in proving the existence of the Almighty God, His creative prowess, sustenance, omnipotence, and omniscience. Scientific facts can, however, only play a marginal role; the larger principles have to be deduced at the philosophical level. Thus scientific facts clearly points to the existence of a creator and a sustainer for the entire universe. The modern physics, rather than the ancient one, bear clearer references to the reality of God. Writings of the  noted scientists Sir Arthur Eddington and Sir James Jeans could be a guide. Every speck of this universe testifies to this reality. The Qur’an says:
“On the earth are signs for those of assured faith, as also in your own selves. Will you not see then?” (59: 2)

The Qur’an, therefore, invites man to ponder over phenomena of universe and unravel the mysteries embedded in them, which carry metaphysical insights and lessons for humanity. Some scientists were clear in their perception that at the root of the entire physical system lies the ultimate reality of a truly universal mind or self which is far from being mechanical.  Newton said:

“The business of natural philosophy to argue from phenomena … and to deduce causes from effects till we come to the very first cause which certainly is not mechanical.”

Science was never rebellious against religion while it was nurtured by the Muslims or in the Islamic ambience. However as the baton of scientific discoveries was passed on to the Europe, it began to assume materialistic contours. Lack of foresight by the church and the Christians contributed immensely to this development. This precise study does not afford any discussion here.

Materialist philosophy began to influence the human mind around the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in the wake of the emergence of new scientific concepts. They were in the nature of explaining the creation of the universe from purely material perspective. This unleashed an avalanche.  There were no holds barred. Materialists had then no qualms in likening the entire universe to a machine, which once put into place, went on its own force producing a whole lot of physical forces. Even human beings were interpreted as machines where choice and instincts had no role. It went even further. Matter and energy were held as eternal and indestructible. Matter was nothing but a bundle of compressed atoms, which were bonded together with gravitational force. Universe had no beginning and was eternal. Some even went to the extreme of declaring that once the universe came into being, it needed none to sustain it; belief in God is redundant. It is like bidding farewell to the creator of the universe after due thanks. Sir James Jeans describes the materialistic philosophy that emerged between seventeenth and nineteenth centuries in the following words:

“The final establishment of this law as the primary guiding principle in nature was the triumph of the seventeenth century, the great century of Galileo and Newton. Apparitions in the sky were shown to result merely from the universal laws of optics; comets, which had hitherto been regarded as portents of the fall of empires or the death of kings, were proved to have their motions prescribed by the universal law of gravitation. ‘And’ wrote Newton would that the rest of the phenomena of nature could be deduced by a like kind of reasoning from mechanical principles.

“Out of this resulted a movement to interpret the whole material universe as a machine, a movement which steadily gained force until it’s culmination in the latter half of the nineteenth century. It was then that Helmholtz declared that ‘the final aim of all natural science is to resolve itself into machinist’”.

This mind-set led to the belief that human life and the brain too were subjected to mechanical action. The fact is that all those claims that were advanced on the basis of the materialistic theories were rooted in the Maxwell and Newton’s assumptions and laws of motion, whereas the twentieth century discoveries have amply disproved them by the theory of relativity. Similarly the quantum theory has made the mechanical concept  of the law of causation redundant. On these same lines, the theory of atom being indivisible or indestructible has been rendered obsolete due to the discovery of the elementary particles. Moreover, the fact that the matter has been proved to be ‘solid energy’ has put the seal of verification over extinction of matter. Consequently, matter could be converted into energy and vice versa, given the discoveries in the twentieth century. Likewise, the second law of thermodynamics has invalidated the law of conservation of energy. It is widely known today that stars are continually losing their body mass due to radiation.

In fact until the culmination of the nineteenth century the world of science was unanimous in its acceptance of the three major conservation laws, those of the conservation of matter, mass, and energy. They meant that matter and mass could never be annihilated and would remain in some form or the other ceaselessly. The energy, that is electricity, light, steam, sound, and magnetism too was eternal but the findings of the twentieth century have rendered them invalid as it has been fully substantiated that they are only the different forms of one single entity. Today, matter is frozen; energy is ‘fluid matter’. They are interchangeable too. Thus, following the discovery of elementary particles, matter is no more solid, and has been proved to be composed of electrical waves or radiations. These radiations are continuously spreading out in the space and dissolving themselves. As a result, stars are losing their mass through constant radiation.

Modern physics had its beginning in 1895 when X-rays were discovered. In this context, noted Philosopher C.E.M Joad writes:

“Ultimately, therefore, the fate of the universe is to dissolve into radiation; there would be neither sunlight nor starlight but only a cool glow of radiation uniformly diffused through space.”

It is therefore, estimated that the sun radiates nearly 250 million tons of energy a minute. Hence the ‘death’ of matter is in reality the death of materialism. Inherent in these scientific facts is the reality that the age of materialism is over. It has several insights for us, yet some materialists are hell bent upon the orthodox theories.

55 comments on “Physics Explain Metaphysics 

  1. Wow!! This is deep, truly requires a high intellect to pen this down 👍🏻

    Amazed & totally convinced with your approach 👍🏻👍🏻

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  2. sMiLes.. my friEnd Imran
    Ali.. nice to sEE and heAr
    you WriTinG heRE aGain
    now at the end
    of 2016
    in yeAR
    over here
    in the U.S..
    and it’s trUe my
    fRiEnd the ‘MiNd’
    A L L O N E N O W
    oF God is not science
    alone.. the miNd of God
    is BeYond Human and liVes
    within we who expand further
    than the material reductionism
    of class rooms..
    and numbers
    too my fRiEnd..
    God’s foot print
    iS iN the Art of Nature
    Within.. inSiDe.. outsiDe..
    aBove so BeLow and all aRound
    and moreover it can be easier for
    an animal or an illiterate human to ‘see’
    this as history and herstory and all stories
    provide evidence for far further that concrete symbols
    as essence
    of God’s ‘MiNd’
    IS A LiVinG ForcE
    mY friENd that is both
    comprehensible.. without words..
    with words as essence comes to
    houSings of vehicles and vessels of symbols
    and of course beyond comprehension of the
    the blood
    of an animal
    so much greater
    than the flea.. surely..
    worth appreciating beyond
    words too my FriENd with the
    heARt.. the SpiRit and the soUL
    Gifted to Us who GroW A Garden of God HiGher to see..
    God is ALL..:)

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  3. assalamm alaikum imran bro. its my pleasure to read your article, as it truly an eye-opener . plz watch this video

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  4. It’s so deep mind body beliefs are all so intertwined.. n lead us towards destiny

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  5. Great post… I you guys would like to read up on some more quality content please subscribe and read my blog: https://lifeofanerd2015.wordpress.com/

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  6. Great post dear bro and friend Imran!
    Happy new year in shaa Allah..and sorry I am late..
    Wish the new year will be better for all the world.
    Be happy and take care!!

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  7. Finally another gem after months and months of wait.
    Very profound post on this controversial topic which has so many conspiracy theories against it, well at least here.
    And on start of 2017, Urdu mai kuch aisa hai…
    Wo Jo Haal Tha Wohi Haal Hai, Kahon Kis Tarhan Naya Saal Hai
    Wohi Zindagi Ke Wabaal Hai, Kahon Kis Tarhan Naya Saal Hai
    Wohi Phool Phool Pe Titliyan Hain, Dari Hui Ke Mari Hui
    Wohi Be Hisi Jo Kamal Hai, Kahon Kis Tarhan Naya Saal Hai
    Keep writing and thanks again!

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  9. Great piece, Imran! A pleasure to read. Well done!

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  10. Very informative.Great write👍

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  11. Hi there.

    I just wanted to say that this is a great article – I especially like the headline that physics explains metaphysics – and I was hoping that your article would delve deeper as to how physics explains more metaphysics.

    You see, I have very similar ideas – however, unlike your background in Philosophy, I studied physics instead (with a lot of philosophy thrown in for good measure). And in studying Physics, I found Allah in a way.

    I would suggest though, that if you are going to write about physics, you at least get your facts straight.

    For example, you have mentioned in the article that atoms (in matter) are held together by gravitational force. This is incorrect! Atoms are held together by nuclear forces – the nucleus of the atom is held together by strong nuclear forces – and when that bond is broken, is when you have the atom bomb scenario!

    Also, you say that the Second Law of Thermodynamics invalidates conservation laws? Please explain how Entropy increasing violates conservation? The first law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot of created or destroyed – ie conservation. So why would the Second Law then be created to invalidate the first law?

    And what is all this about “solid energy” and “fluid matter” – In all my 10+ years of studying and researching Physics – I have never come across those terms … Unless you mean Solid State Energy and Fluid Dynamics? And that would be entirely different to what you are trying to say in this article.

    You are correct however that matter can be converter to energy – E = mc^2 <- Einstein's famous equation.

    I get the idea though – the materialism – how quickly the idea of cause and effect was accepted and the metaphysical was abandoned. And now, in the 20th century we are finding so many mysteries – quantum effects, Schroedingers wave equation … all pointing to spooky effects that Einstein did not like! You are definitely on the right track! 🙂

    This article has potential to be something even better with a little bit more research.

    Keep digging!

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  12. Physics are truly the science to understand Life. I like the way you mix religion with science, as they are direct opposites.
    When you say, the larges principles have to be deduced at a philosphical level, this is very true.
    I am currently starting a blog about similar subject as yours 🙂
    In my blog I mix Economics with Psychology along with many other disciplines. I’d be enchanted if you would take a peak at it.
    Something tells me I should read more before I write, because, I just realized recently, there is little depth in my content.

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  13. The scientific facts do not point to the presence of a creator. The facts show no such creator. The world has over 3000 gods or deities and they all come from sun worship. I don’t believe any gods exist but that does not mean I don’t have faith.

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  14. It is little wonder that people of faith resent science: by reducing the miracle of life to a series of biochemical reactions, by explaining Creation as a hiccup in space-time, science seems to undermine belief, render existence meaningless and rob the world of spiritual wonder.
    Science and faith go hand in hand. But the only difference is what God explained centuries ago in holy books, science is only beginning to understand. If that isn’t proof enough that nothing else would be wither.

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  16. Very well explained…and yes not everyone wearing a bread, or a read few Islam books can come up with fatwas of their own. It requires years of research, understanding, and knowledge.

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  17. Highly enlightening!! This reminds me Dan brown’s “”The lost symbol”..

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  18. Wow! Mind blowing! Very well researched and eloquently written. The final verse, “The fate of the universe is to dissolve into radiation,” is awesome! The Hindu scriptures records universe as primordial energy and soul as indestructible wave (energy droplets) which would finally unite with God.

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  19. I enjoyed this tremendously. You might like reading John Lennox, if you are not already familiar w/ him. He holds the same view you do. I wrote a 2-part review of one of Lennox’s many books, “God’s Undertaker” on A Lawyer’s Prayers. You can find it at https://alawyersprayers.com/2017/06/04/book-review-gods-undertaker-part-1/ and https://alawyersprayers.com/2017/06/11/book-review-gods-undertaker-part-2/ . Lennox, also, speaks (and debates) on YouTube.

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  20. Excellent Bhai..what Knowledge You have,after reading deeply I m feeling shock n also feeling the Power of Allah …subhanallah

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