Contemporary culture & it’s vanity


The present culture of the West is characterised by athiestic philosophy as it is devoid of spiritualism. Being only a new incarnation of Greek materialism, it is enchantingly deceptive with a bright mask of material benefits, luxuries and pleasures. But behind this mask lie such characteristics that are marked by selfishness, sensuality, deception, terrorism, warmongering, genocide, plundering, canniblism, and so on. The reality is that the present western society has completely given up the belief in God and the Ressurrection Day and is hopelessly wandering in the dark alleys of materialism like a ship without a compass – lost! According to Leopold Weiss: “The prayer halls of materialism are its huge factories, cinema, chemical laboratries, clubs, and power houses. And its guides and leaders are the bankers, engineers, film directors, film actors, popstars, rockstars, and industrialists.” The western nations are so enamoured by the charms of sensual life that they strive continuously to devise newer forms and ways of seeking pleasure and enjoyment, thier sole aim in life being only to satisfy thier physical and carnal appetites. Devoid of any lofty aim in life, they are thus wedded to hedonism only.

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  1. West is like a pest,which kills human soul….

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  2. Smiles my Friend Imran Ali.. Nice to See You Blogging Again and i surely will Empathize
    With the Problem of ‘The West’ as the Further we move away from the Inborn
    Naked Human God Nature of Love to all the Clothes of Culture the Further
    Away We Move Away From the God of Love That/Who Lives Within..
    With Wisdom of Love that Ranges from Love Your
    Neighbor As Yourself Same as God as all that is
    Love and Even Love Your Enemy the same
    Without Harming them and Even
    Turning Your Cheek
    With Forgiveness
    Instead of Striking Back
    Or Striking First for You See unless
    the Story of Jesus is a Lie the Revelation that
    Came after his Life Must be a Lie too for if Jesus ever
    Comes back to Harm one Hair on another Human same as
    The Love For God Jesus is a Liar and A God of Love is Dead..
    A Greatest Failing in any Country is when Humans lose the Innate
    Capacity to Love or Become Afraid to Show this Kind of Agape Love for
    All Freely
    i balk on
    that/this for
    i See A Jesus
    Character As A
    Role Model for A World’s
    Greatest Lover and Worst Killer
    of all still for who else would Turn their
    Cheek Away from Fear and Hate and Love
    Everyone Now but A Greatest Lover oF all.. True
    We Will Even Do Greater Works of Life/Love than Jesus
    as suggested in the Christian Version of John 14:12 at least..
    But Without Love No Matter Hope or Faith All else Fails my Friend..
    And Never
    Be Afraid to LoVE
    or Die as LiFE NoW
    That/This IS A True Judgement
    my Friend that each and every one
    of us Brings upon Each Other and Our
    Selves Each And every Day i Choose Love
    For Love is Heaven is a Place Within NoW
    oN EaRTH A Place
    Where Love Comes First
    Patient.. Kind.. Not Jealous
    or Pompous.. Nor Inflated or Rude..
    Looks out for Others.. Is Not Quick Tempered..
    And Does not Brood over Wrong Doing but Rejoices
    With the Truth Bearing all Things Believing all Things
    Hoping all Things Enduring All Things Love Never Fails..
    When Faith Hope And Love Exist the Greatest is Love and
    Love we
    Are Nothing
    Much more than
    Cogs in a Machine..
    Other than that Dance
    ‘Naked’ Every Chance We
    Get and Sing Like an Emperor
    With No Cultural Clothes Now too..
    As Long as Love Rules God Smiles Within
    iNfinity Beyond in each and every one of us for whoever
    would wish harm to anyone ever they do not understand
    God as Life as Love
    And that is
    Key Loving
    Without Harm
    IS A Greatest
    Art oF aLL and it will
    Be A Hardest Art for
    Some Folks With smaller Circles of Love than God All Now LOVE
    And oh by the Way Those Words About the Nature of Love i share
    Are Words attributed to a Man Named Paul who was once reported
    as a Man named Saul who Persecuted Christians until he turned to Love
    but You See my Friend according to the Story as attributed to Paul too he
    Was a Failure at Love Same as Jesus would be if he ever came back to Harm
    one Hair on a Human Being now in/for Hypocrisy for the Very Teaching of Love
    ‘Jesus’ Brought For Paul also suggested that one should not sit Next to an Adulterer
    in Church Yes A Sinner As such in Other Words Love is only possible when convenient
    for one’s
    own Best
    Interests.. or Perhaps
    Love Should be owned by
    a Wife and Husband and Never
    Shared ‘Naked’ and Free Devoid of
    Cultural And Religious Clothes of Lies
    Away from Love.. i Married a Woman who is
    not Afraid of/to Love and i married a Woman who is
    not afraid that her Husband Does Love the Rest of the World
    Now Every Human No Matter What with the Best of his Love for
    Each and Every Human He meets depending on their Capacity now
    to Greet and Receive Love from Him.. probably the reason IF REAL
    YESHUA Never Got
    is no
    Could Live/Love
    up to a Standard
    of Love Like that then
    how many Women could/would
    Prove they WiLL i don’t know many
    my Friend.. i don’t know many at all..
    It’s Harder to Explain the LoVE NoW
    of God until One Goes to Real
    Hell on Earth Within Now For
    When One
    Gets out Now
    All that’s Left
    Love to Do Is
    to Love Everyone
    With All Your Spirit
    YouR heART and Soul…
    Smiles my Friend i need no
    Book speak to understand God Within
    Completely For Love is Either All Or Nothing
    At All In Hell As the Devil For Perhaps one has
    to go to Hell Now Within and be A Devil Now to fully understand what
    Love even is…. And as aLWays this is just my opinion but i speak to God
    Directly Within
    Advisor oF aLL
    i feel i sense i KNoW at Least..
    As Always Thank You for the Inspiration my Friend..
    Life IS A Long Journey The Longest OnE NoW If We Make LiFE All LoVE NoW..
    And IF We Wait For Anyone/Everyone Else In Our Family Our Friends Our Village Our City Our Country/Nation/Continent
    And Overall World Alone NoW
    And Or ALL ToGeTHeR NoW
    To JusT Do
    It ALL NoW
    iN As LoVE
    Given Up oN (God)LoVE The GreaTesT GiFT to Give and Share in Basically
    Hell Now No Matter Where We Live Or Who We Attempt to LiVE With Now..:)

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  3. Salaams. Nice to see you writing after a long time, I usually wait impatiently to see your gems on the blog Imran.

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  4. Thank you so much for liking so many of my posts… i really like your blog

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  5. Heyy, I am here to announce that I’ve changed my wordpress blog to Instagram blogging. Please do check.
    https://www.instagram.com/sameehajunaid/ 💚✌

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  6. The clash of civilizations, that’s what your post accentuates.

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  7. Assalamu alaikum
    Please veiw our blog and share its content.

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  8. Thank you very much for your kind consideration 🙏🙏

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  9. What saddens me, my Dear Imran, is just HOW much this has filled Indian Christian life. People consider going to Church a ‘Ritual,’ and even want the priests to say just what they want.

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  10. I didn’t quite read well, I guess. The West is…? According to who…?😄

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  11. The the worlds culture needs to come together for once with no judging each other, we listen and learn from each other..

    From the bottom to the top, especially with everyone’s own experience, we all deserve a voice..

    We all need to follow goodness on all levels.. 🙏💙🙏

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  12. Hello Imran, another great post indeed.
    Hedonism has engulfed the east too and being an easterner, it deeply saddens me.
    I often find wandering why people all over the world is readily embracing the low life, without the slightest of conscience.

    I don’t think west is to be blamed entirely.
    Because a person himself chooses what would influence him. And he can only be influenced if darkness exists within his own heart.

    Nowadays you can classify most people as promiscuous, unempathetic, selfish and lacking the ability to commit to any activity for long.

    And these symptoms are clinically used to identify someone as a psychopath.

    So it really saddens me how millions of people around the world are losing their sense of right and wrong and going down such a destructive path.

    I also believe in karma. And feel that if a person has done bad deeds, he self sabotizes his own life by following a path like this.

    Again, great post.

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    • Graceful Dear mithai
      You are absoutely right
      I dont is that ur real name or just a pseudonym even i dont know where u from ?
      But ur response make sense

      respect do not bridge blames, destructive, negative criticisms, false excuses and gossips. To express disappointments and ill-feelings are normal however to gossip around certain people and events in order to put another person down and destroy one’s credibility is a form of bullying whether one expresses it publicly or privately.

      Beware of segregation, regionalism, individualism, discrimination, stereotyping, destructive criticism, false accusations, biased wrong assumptions, prejudice, senseless comparison and unwanted competition because life is much more meaningful to live for where there is unity and harmony.


    • I only can guess that u r also belong to indian sub-continent


  13. It seems to have gotten worse. People are married to their devices in preferences to real people and experiences. Covid has made it worse because mist companionship is filtered through a device. Excellent again, Imran!

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