The Torchbearer of applied Science

The Glorious Qur’an heralded a new era of enlightenment in the Dark Ages by pulling out the humanity from the darkness of superstitions and blind Faith and opened new doors of Discovery and investigation. The primary tool of the Qur’an in this effort was to exhort the mankind to prove into the manifestation of nature and to extend an open invitation to have a profound investigation into it’s causes and consequences. This provided a firm bulwark for modern rationalism and empiricism.

The primary motivation for this Qur’nic invitation was to unravel the laws of nature and thereby, correlate the Islamic faith with them and them no scope for the humanity to deny the basic the basic beliefs of Islam. This approach has led the scientific discoveries to negate all forms of polytheism, agnosticism, and materislism. In one way, it has helped in sealing the fate of materislism.

Scientific discoveries in the twentieth century, several of the flaws of scientific arguments as carried on during the ninteenth century too are making themselves evident to the growing tribe of scientists. Its claims to holistic knowledge have been renderd hollow and it is no longer taken as a judge to evaluate things. Indeed the science claim to have insight both into the reality of matter as well as soul have been invalidated. How could this, be taken to be an arbiter on matters that combine both matter and soul? This explains why scientists and philosophers both have failed to suggest a judicious code or way of life for the human existence. While reality of soul is still far from its grip, even the reality of matter seems to have eluded the knowledge of the scientists. For all those who are bereft of divine belief, the mysteries of nature are merely gathering knots.

Islam laid the foundation for empirical science in order to bring about compatibility between physics and metaphysics. This was also in order to revive the spiritual values. Several verses of the Holy Qur’an could be qouted here:

Tell them O Mohammed: “observe what is in the heaven and earth” 10:101

There are indeed signs for the men of understanding in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and in the alteration of the night and the day 3:190

Indeed there are signs for the believers in the heavens and the earth, and in the creation of yourselves and the beasts that he has scattered are signs for the people of the assured faith. 45:3-4

On the earth, as also in your own selves, are signs for those of assured faith. Can’t you see those signs then? 51:20-21

Do they not see as to how does Allah originate the creation and repeat it? Indeed that is easy for Allah. 29:19

Say: “Go about in the land and see how did he originate the creation. Then Allah shall originate another productiin. Indeed Allah is potent over everything. 29:20

Didn’t they look to the sky above them as to how have we made and adorned it,and that there is no fissure in it. Likewise, we have spread forth the earth,cast firm mountains upon it,and caused to grow every beautiful pair in it. All these to serve as an insight and admonition to every remorseful servent.” 59:6-8

Of all his servents, only the knowledgeable fear Allah. 35:28

Take warning, O you with eyes! 59: 2

The Qur’an boasts of innumerable such verses which motivate man to apply his knowledge, intellect and insight and ponder over the natural phenomena. On the other hand, those who refuse to reflect and belie the signs of the Almighty have been eaquated with the worst of the beasts:

Indeed, the worst of the beasts in the sight of Allah are those who are deaf, dumb and do not understand. 8:22

Those who belie our signs are deaf dumb and in the darkness. 6:39

Thus, the Qur’an extends man an open invitation to reflect upon the natural phenomena and seek appropriate lessons from the admonitory truths hidden beneath them. It likens those who act to the contrary to the beasts which can not percieve things, nor can see or comprehend them. There can be a more rationalistic and equitable approach than the present one. Obviously, such an invitation has to come from a being who is well aware of the internal mechanism of entire physical world and who does not run the risk of attracting the allegation of falsehood to His own revealed book.


18 comments on “The Torchbearer of applied Science

  1. Great post ..keep giving 🙏👍👍

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  2. Same to you dear bro ..welcome 🙏

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  3. SMiLes.. Imran Ali.. As Above So Below.. Yes In the Heaven’s on the Earth…
    Words of Wisdom Repeated Cross-Culturally in Different Forms Yet the Essence
    Remains God is a River Never Set in Concrete Stone.. but true some folks shape
    God into Concrete Millstones SinKinG God to the Bottom of the Ocean No Longer
    Surfacing as the
    Whole of All
    to Be ‘Seen’
    For Now..
    As i enjoy studying
    Cross-Cultural Sacred Texts
    that are in deed Holy in Essence
    SpeaKinG the Nature of Existence
    IN Deed God’s Face in All of Existence
    One Force One Energy one River that Flows through All..
    one of my Favorite Passages is in the Christian Old Testament
    Where a Snake Tempts Eve to Eat from ‘The Tree of Knowledge’
    to Be More Like (God) However it doesn’t Work-out that way as
    Human No Longer Sees God Naked in Existence No Longer Sees
    the Reflection of God in all the Beauty of the Flower And Bee that
    is Naturally Born.. instead Human becomes ashamed to be a Natural
    Part of the River of God and starts to Cover-up the Nature of God to be
    Hidden no longer
    to be ‘seen’
    And now what
    We Obviously Have
    is Folks who Only See the
    Concrete Millstones as Form
    Small Details at the Bottom of an
    Ocean so far away from the Surface
    of Seeing All That is and surely Beyond as
    God as the River Continues to Flow as Yes the
    River is in Control.. the Essence of All that is Beauty
    Beyond All Names Wisdom Beyond all Words Courage
    Beyond All Fear Love is The River The Freedom to Flow
    For It is What is inside and outside of The Chalice That is Wine
    to Love
    other than
    that it costs
    nothing to be nice…
    Nice to see You Blogging
    Again Imran Ali do Return..
    The Nice Thing About God is
    God is Open Source Free For All
    to ‘See’ Those who have ‘eyes’ of the River in Flow..
    It is clear from these Passages You Relate that the
    Author of the Book You Share does have the Eyes of God the River in Flow..
    Genuinely i will pick any part or all of Nature and Express God there is no part
    of Existence
    that i do not
    see as Poetry of God….
    A Dance A Never Ending Story A Song so Free….
    No Longer Hidden Naked From View All is Revealed as God….
    People where i Live no Longer See This God they Put God in a
    Pamphlet on Urinals in Restrooms And Call God “Romans 10:9”
    They Make
    God Money
    They Make God Stuff
    And This is the Ugly Part the Dark
    of God’s Poetry that never the Less
    is indeed part of All too..
    True.. ‘Sown Fig
    Part of God too….
    Blind But Part of God too….
    Smiles my FRiEnD God Is
    After and Before the Apple too..
    I go Without ‘the Apple’ i am Free i am River i Flow…
    Yet i recognize ‘the Apple’ And Refuse to let it take ‘THE River’ away from me…

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  4. Science and religion can survive together if there are some people ,who have expertise in both.

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  5. The Bible has many parallel passages praising the Creator. I like Psalm 104:

    “O Lord my God, you are very great!
    You are clothed with splendor and majesty,
    covering yourself with light as with a garment,
    stretching out the heavens like a tent.

    He lays the beams of his chambers on the waters;
    he makes the clouds his chariot;
    he rides on the wings of the wind…

    He set the earth on its foundations,
    so that it should never be moved.
    You covered it with the deep as with a garment…

    From your lofty abode you water the mountains;
    the earth is satisfied with the fruit of your work.
    You cause the grass to grow for the livestock
    and plants for man to cultivate,
    that he may bring forth food from the earth…

    He made the moon to mark the seasons;
    the sun knows its time for setting…

    O Lord, how manifold are your works!
    In wisdom have you made them all;
    the earth is full of your creatures.”

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  6. A very effective and soothing post.. Keep it up.. 👍

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  7. Subahnallah…indeed others want to supress the real teaching of Quran and Muslims are too far and blindly follow those societies who day night give them false allegations.
    Indeed the reality is Islam first came with all fased of enlightenment which modern west claim they bring. Even their Human Rights only for certain group of people on the otherhand Allah send Human Rights for all of his creation.
    On the name of women rights and freedom they insulting women day and night where Allah honour gave women.
    Unfortunately Muslims are too far from their Glorious Quran and Lord.
    May Allah help us and give us better understanding.

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  8. My Dear Imran, Why no posts after April 2020?


  9. Went through Your post again, my Dear Imran. Very Good. Kudos and keep up the good work. Regards.

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