Islamic infection control and Hygiene

In recent years, health professionals around the world have become increasingly concerned with the spread of infectious diseases. Outbreaks of swine flu, avian (bird) flu, and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) have meant that infectious diseases have taken on a global context and are now on the agenda of world leaders and health policy makers alike. In developed and developing countries, health officials are focusing on infectious disease research and linking it to policymaking and infrastructure.

The scope of infectious diseases is progressively more challenged by globalisation. Easy and frequent air travel allows diseases to spread rapidly between communities and countries. Infectious disease control will continue to be confronted by 21st century issues including global warming, conflict, famine, overpopulation, deforestation, and bioterrorism.
With the rise of the coronavirus, many people are understandably concerned about protecting themselves. Diseases and viruses have alway cds been part of human history. This article seeks to shed light on some of Islam’s teachings regarding hygiene, infection control, and illnesses. In recent years there have been several breakouts of infectious diseases such as the swine flu, SARS, and now the coronavirus. Globalization and international travel make these infectious diseases more complicated to deal with. Air travel allows diseases to spread throughout countries and makes it difficult to contain. For instance, the coronavirus started in China but has since spread throughout most of the world. Islam is a comprehensive religion that takes every aspect of life into account, including the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of human life. It is important to care for individuals, but ultimately safeguarding larger communities and the most helpless is of great importance. The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, introduced and emphasized hygienic practices more than 1400 years ago, at a time when there was little understanding of how infectious diseases spread.

Hygiene in Islam
The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, referred to purity as half of faith. Purity is half of faith, and the praise of Allah fills the scale (Sahih Muslim). Similarly, the Quran states: Truly, God loves those who turn unto Him in repentance and loves those who purify themselves (Quran 2:222). While this purity involves a spiritual aspect, it also includes physical cleanliness.

The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, gave several hygienic prescriptions that are still used today:

  1. Washing hands before eating

The Prophet, peace be upon him, taught that blessings are found when one washes their hands before eating. He said: Blessing in food lies in washing the hand before and after eating (Tirmidhi).

  1. Cleaning oneself after using the bathroom

When relieving oneself, the Prophet, peace be upon him, instructed his followers to use no less than three stones. Obviously, at the time, they did not have toilet paper, but this implies that one should ensure they are clean. Furthermore, the Prophet, peace be upon him, also encouraged Muslims to clean their private parts with water after using stones.

  1. Washing before prayer

Muslims perform five daily prayers. In order to conduct these prayers, Muslims must be in a state of physical purity known as ablution (wudu in Arabic). This consists of washing the hands, mouth, nose, face, wiping the head, ears, and washing the feet three times. When an entire community of people do this several times a day it builds a culture of cleanliness and decreases the risk of infectious diseases.

  1. Covering the Face When Sneezing

The Prophet, peace be upon him, instructed Muslims to cover their faces when sneezing. Although it may seem obvious to us today, but he taught Muslims to do this before there was an understanding of how airborne diseases spread.

Plagues and Infectious Diseases
Visiting the sick is one of the greatest good deeds a Muslim can perform. However, in cases of infectious diseases, the Prophet, peace be upon him, restricted travel and instructed people to quarantine themselves in order that the disease not spread. The Prophet, peace be upon him, said: If you hear that there is a plague in a land, do not enter it; and if it (plague) visits a land while you are therein, do not go out of it (Sahih Bukhari). The Prophet, peace be upon him, was essentially instituting strategies that are implemented in modern times by public health organizations such as the center for disease control. Quarantine is essential for the comfort of the sick individual as well as the protection of the larger public. In Islamic history, several hospitals were built to prevent the spread of sicknesses. For example, in 706 the Umayyad caliph Al-Walid built the first hospital in Damascus and issued an order to isolate those infected with leprosy from other patients in the hospital. This practice continued until the Ottoman Empire until 1838.

The teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, concerning infectious diseases, cleanliness, and hygiene were well ahead of his time. They were ultimately inspired by God to benefit and protect humans from illnesses and promote healthy lifestyles. Infection control is an inherent part of Islam’s teachings concerning hygiene. The guidelines that are practiced today by major health organizations are almost entirely inline and inspired by the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

In addition to taking the necessary precautions, the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, taught that both blessings and trials are from God, and they are an opportunity to become closer to Him. He advised to seek God’s protection in all matters, and then to accept His decree. One of the supplications he would say was, “In the name of God with Whose name nothing is harmed on the earth or in the heavens, and He is the All-Hearing, All-Knowing”

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  1. According to the Centre for Disease Control in the USA, the virus that causes SARS is thought to be transmitted most readily by respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. What is known as droplet spread can happen when droplets from the cough or sneeze of an infected person are propelled a short distance (up to 3 feet) through the air and deposited on the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose, or eyes of persons who are nearby. The virus also can spread when a person touches a surface or object contaminated with infectious droplets and then touches his or her mouth, nose, or eye. The SARS virus might spread more broadly through the air (airborne spread).

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    • Ir’s nor really known how the virus is transmitted, but since the lockdown has shown that it’s most likely for residents of the same household to catch the disease, and very un likely for transmission from casual contact with strangers, we can assume that people have to be very close to one another to transmit the infection. This virus is just like most others in that the viral burden, that is, how large a quantity of viruses must enter ones nose and/or mouth is extremely significant. In other words, you won’t get sick unless the amount of pathogens is enough to overwhelm your immune system. I’d like to state that modern medicine has discovered that leprosy is not contagious.

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  2. Some basic measures are appropriate when trying to control the spread of any or all infectious diseases. These include meticulous hand washing, covering the mouth when sneezing or coughing, proper disposal of tissues, staying at home and away from public places, and in extreme cases such as SARS, quarantine. In the series of articles entitled Health in Islam, we explained in some detail that Islam is a religion concerned with creating a community of healthy believers.

    Islam is a holistic belief system and it takes into account the physical, emotional, and spiritual well being of individuals and societies. Although care of the individual is important, safeguarding communities, including its weakest members, is of paramount importance. More than 1400 years ago, Prophet Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, was teaching his followers hygiene practices that are still applicable in the 21st century.

    From the traditions of Prophet Muhammad, we find evidence that clearly indicates Islam’s stance on coughing and sneezing openly. Prophet Muhammad instructed the believers to cover their faces when sneezing. The most obvious effect of sneezing and coughing without covering the mouth is the spread of airborne bacteria and viruses, in addition, droplets invisible to the naked eye, may fall onto surfaces or other people.

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  3. Thank you soo much for sharing such a great topic.. I really did enjoy reading every single letter of it 🌹✌️ may Allah bless you

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  4. Thing is who is spreading the wrongs should be punished and it should be first dealt with in the society itself. But no body is coming forward. Basic thing is हम ज़िन्दा रहेंगे तो ही कुछ कर पाएंगे। Actually I don’t want to put myself in any controversy but I am not with the wrong doings who so ever is doing that

    On Sat, 4 Apr, 2020, 7:55 PM Shake Your Conscience !, wrote:

    > Imran Ali posted: ” In recent years, health professionals around the world > have become increasingly concerned with the spread of infectious diseases. > Outbreaks of swine flu, avian (bird) flu, and severe acute respiratory > syndrome (SARS) have meant that infectious diseas” >

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    • Shuqria !!!
      Dogra sahab

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    • You are absolutely correct,( हम ज़िन्दा रहेंगे तो ही कुछ कर पाएंगे। ) but for the same each and every one have to do something. Any part or portion of the society should not be left or ignored intentionally or unintentionally due to any reason.All the societies should rethink about target of expenditure of funds and Priorities.In my opinion Shelter,Food,Healthcare, education and job for every one should be our first priority .In present situation we can see that we have not enough equipment for doctors fighting for epidemic and so on we have 775 million illiterate people,we have more than 1 billion people without home,174.1 million unemployed persons and so on. So why not these things are in our priorities. As soon as we will reduce to minimum these differences between the people of different societies, your doubt who is spreading the wrong will be minimized.

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    • I noticed that all the points made by your prophet are total common sense, of course you would carry out meticulous hygiene practices. I would also like to go back to the point he made about keeping the sick desperate from the healthy. On this point you can see where the problem lies. The methods put out by the ‘experts’ have reversed this concept, they are saying that even though you’re fit and healthy, you have to isolate yourself and your children, wear masks, which has proven to lower the immune system and shut down the economy making people unemployed.

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  5. Very informative and well written post..

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  7. Great Measures
    For Safety Thanks
    For Sharing Imran..:)

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  8. Sooner or later we will come out of this pandemic but it will certainly oblige us to think about our climate which has been eroded beyond limits .

    Mr. Imran your Islamic viewpoint of hygiene is commendable .

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  9. Thankyou for read my blog and like it

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  10. One who feels lonely and abandoned in time of sickness should contemplate the compassionate presence of the Creator.

    The loneliness felt by a faithful believer in time of illness is not true loneliness. True loneliness, which no human medicine can cure, is separation from God, but the believer who has faith in God’s healing presence is never really alone.

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  11. Great post 😇. And thanks for the visit 💐 stay blessed

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  12. yes 😊💐 thank you and you too stay safe and healthy 💐

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  13. As usual, a very informative piece, my Dear Imran. Kudos.

    …At the end You write: “In the name of God with Whose name nothing is harmed on the earth or in the heavens, and He is the All-Hearing, All-Knowing.”

    YET it is the same God who wants us, through His prophet(s), to observe His ways, Hygiene among them, as You have enumerated. So ‘man’ Has to do his part too.

    The problems are Not in the Teaching from the Almighty; but those that interpret them and teach them often go astray, going ‘their’ own ways.

    Till just before the onslaught of Covid19, as I have shared, had openly Opposed #CAA, #NRC, etc.

    YET AM DISAPPOINTED that so many gathered for the ‘JAMAAT.’ This type of ‘Ignoring’ the Human sciences has happened in Christianity and is still happening.

    Of course India has become Islamophobic under modi. They do not even ‘test’ the majority community’s gatherings for the virus.

    I always speak out if I find my leaders and teachers of the Faith, like the pope or the bishops, in the wrong. We cannot condone wrong when it has been done.

    Much Regards.

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    • Toggle navigation

      Islamic Teachings Book 2


      1 minutes


      “Man will not get anything unless he works hard”
      Holy Qur’an (Surah al-Najm, 53:39).

      There is no doubt about the fact that man cannot make any progress without effort and hard work. For example, one who studies whole-heartedly becomes a scholar. Similarly, a farmer who ploughs the farm, sows seeds in it and waters them, is soon rewarded with crops. On the other hand, whoever is lazy and indolent and does not do any work, is faced with woes and worries. Indolence and irresponsibility results in poverty and grief, and Islam dislikes these things very much. Islam regards hard work a duty.

      The Holy Prophet always insisted upon working hard. He is reported to have said: “One who works is the friend of Allah, and one who does not work is considered by Allah, to be His enemy”.

      “Allah does not love those who sleep too much, and do not work”.

      Dear swami ji
      I hope you are fit n fine
      Stay healthy and safe.

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  14. I’m working on salon they closed now I don’t have anything now I want to work but how

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  15. I am small shopkeeper i have 4 small children over country lockdown for CoronaVirus all city
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  17. Very interesting reading, Imran, and so appropriate at this time.

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  18. A very useful and hopes boosting blog.. Bravo..

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    • By looking at the patterns of behavior that underlie disease and death, health psychologists hope to help people live better, and healthier, lives.

      Thank you very much indeed
      Zaira !!!

      Love &
      Regards !!!

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  19. Good information. Thank you

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  20. very true ..no doubts about the Hadeeth 100% true… but what if the virus is a lie spread by the lucifarians to bring chaos and the new world order and to deminish religions and to worship the satanic powers ,then what do you do .. they have suceeded in shutting down all religion ,places of worship, shut down from looking after or seeing you parents who might be old and sick ,prevented you from seeing families etc ,, all on a hoax to bring fear and scaremongering without any real evidence to support if the virus is real ,,no body has seen the proof of its deadlyness its all heresay with the media and governments spouting of crazy numbers ,,slowly its coming to light ,hospitals are and were paid to exagerate deaths ans diagnosis of this ,as we can see biill gates and co are primarily responsible for this dillama with promises of so called vaccines and chip programming ..etsc ..from what i gather this has been the hoax of the centuru and the ppl have been played with .. the death rate of actually dieing from this is .001% .. i understand the Hadeeth ..in those times ,leporacy, and plagues were visible and you could see the affect of the deseases killing into ppl ,but this virus very intelligently created is invisible thus no real proof and we are sup[posed to believe in the kuffars say so ..these ppl are in wait of thier dajali messiah and they are preparing the world for his coming and muslims because of our weak faith have fallen prey to this as well .. Allah swt know best ..our imaan is so weak in these times if the dajal comes tomorrow we will all bow down to him for fear of our lives ..

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  21. Jazak Allah kahir ….such a useful writing.

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  22. Never play stone, paper , scissors with a muslim

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  23. My Dear Imran, went to You YouTube channel, and went thro the first video. …Very good! Shared it on Facebook and Twitter.

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  24. You are a Lovely person, my Dear Imran. An embodiment of the Typical Islamic Courtesy. …Thank You, too. …Am easily tired these days, or else would be visiting Your worthwhile site much more often. …Heartiest regards to You.

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  25. Wow!! Thats amazing!!!!!!!! Could you also go check out my teams blog we r just simple 8th graders trying to express our views! tsms8std.wordpress.com
    Please follow 🙂

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  26. A beautiful and informative post 👌👌

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