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Who is Liberated in the West ? Part 2

Is Paradise for Men Only?   One cannot predict how long this paradise will continue to thrive, but it is clear that if there should happen a real women’s awakening and real women’s liberation movement then its end would be easier to foresee. The women movement has done nothing to change the way men and […]

Who is Liberated in the West ?

It is time to stop talking about women because the ones who have been liberated in the west do not wear dresses. If there is anyone who has won points from the women’s liberation movements, it certainly has got to be men. At every turn he leaps ahead, is promoted, is listened to in the […]

Woman ‘Liberation’ has only Caused Misery

A society where men and women are bombarded with a variety of sexual imagery at all times of the day weather on televisions, billboards, newspapers, or magazines will lead inevitably to widespread sexual agitation. Such societies implicitly encourage citizens to compete in latest fashions that vie to fetishize certain parts of their bodies. For women […]

Freedom to be Undressed, In the West Oppressed if You are Dressed

Although human beings share the same basic needs and desires, the planet is nonetheless filled with diverse customs, traditions, and religious beliefs. When so many differences exist in any given society, it will surely create disunity, confusion, and injustice for many people. Recently, an issue has been raised in a country that claims to be […]

Dramatic Manmade System

It has been claimed that life is a stage. If this is true, then the star of life’s drama is a woman. Nowadays, the words “liberated” and “liberation” have completely lost their true meanings. Instead of describing one’s ones freedom from tyranny, oppression, or manmade systems, they have come to man being free from prohibitions […]

Immorality, Sex Object, & Rampant Divorce

It has often been asserted that Islam is a religion of extremism. Yet, in all fairness, the same can be said of western culture when seen from all Islamic prospective. The two systems demonstrate very different ways of life but this does not necessarily mean that they have totally different values. An Islamic society is […]

Western Woman in Contemporary Times

The thinkers and philosophers who formulated the concept of equality between men and women believed that it would raise women of misery that she had been living in centuries. Therefore a number of questions need to be asked; Has the modern woman been lifted out of misery that plagued her for centuries?Has the historical imbalance […]