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Bio: IMRAN ALI AT A GLANCE Imran Ali, born and brought up in Lucknow, is a freelancer(Self Employed professional) who came to blogging after repeated requests by his permanent readers. At an age of 12, because of his absent mindedness at School, he left conventional schooling system when his father, Suleiman Ali (Restauranteur) was fed up of his mischievousness. And he, being a hiper-active and problematic child was happy with his decision and took an oath to follow a daily routine that composed of his Studies and boxing practice. Later he won district level championship, the career which was cut-short by an accident. At the time of recovery he invested his time in studying the literary masters like Guy Maupassant, Mark Twain, Leo Tolstoy, Franz kafka, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Miguel De Cervantes, and the fables of Mullah Nauru-din. That give him a fair idea of literature. And his hunger increased with the time. He was obsessed with the literature of all the philosophers including Averroes(Ibne-Rushd), Dante, Karl Marx, Neitzche, Sigmund Freud, Dr. Mohammed Iqbal, Leopold Weiss etc. He paid special care to the Political, philosophical and religious studies to study the nature of human in a better way. He has a mastery over Urdu, Hindi, and English. Now he is taking interest in functional Arabic and Hebrew. Imran Ali’s first article ''New World Order Vs Just World Order,'' won International critical praise, and was published by The Companion and Radiance, including a recent concise version in Lucknow Observer. He has participated in several debates, dialogues and symposiums of different national and international topics. He is also a social activist, who likes writing on the misconceptions of Women issues which are unnecessarily triggered in our society. Imran Ali is very open-minded and charismatic writer, who could at first seem offending but, on closer inspection of his works emerges as a revolutionary. The reason why his readers like his works. And the best thing about him is, he knows how to perfectly defend himself in the critical views of his works. That is to say, he loves the intellectual battle in International Arena. (The Web World/Editor) .

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  1. Wow!! That’s such a great bio data.. So impressive!! Glad to have found you,thank you for the likes..
    Take care,
    Your new reader(Noorain).

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  2. Assalamu’alaikum brother Ali, nice to know you n your blog. Thank you so much for your visiting, reading,liking my poor posts. I’m honored. You are too kind. Hmmm, sorry if you find some grammar errors in my posts, I’m indeed an English learner.
    Reading your “about page,” masha’Allah you’re a great writer! 😊 Inspiring blog! Unfortunately I’m so hard to find time for visiting, n reading other blogs now. Hope I can read yours in my free times.

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  3. As a literature graduate myself, I loved learning about Franz Kafka, Mark Twain, Leo Tolstoy and Miguel de Cervantes. I also found great joy in reading about Dante, Karl Marx, Neitzche, and Sigmund Freud! Thanks for stumbling upon my blog earlier! I enjoyed reading your blog!

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  4. You have a nice blog and I really like your tone of writing!

    Thank you for dropping by and liking and appreciating my work.

    I will look forward to reading more from you 🙂

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  5. Assalaamu ‘alaikum,

    Jazakallah Mr. Imran Ali I am visiting your blog after your visit on mine. Read one article , liked the basis of religion vis a vis morality. It was nicely written. Mashaa Allah.

    Best of luck for your writings!

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  6. Thanks for all those likes 🙂
    Was great getting to know you!
    You write really well. 😀

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  7. Wow..that is some learned person I am talking to here..:) nice to come across you Imran!

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  8. Masha Allah I just visited your blog and I found your writing so genuine and authentic! Really a pleasure to have read them and honoured to get your likes on mine 🙂 i’m a new blogger though,a real amateur :p
    I appreciate your knowledgeable thoughts and the authentication of your references especially those derived from religion.
    Looking forward to reading your articles,
    Your new follower 🙂

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  9. Hi Imran! thanks for visiting my blog! You have an impressive blog! Glad I found it 🙂

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  10. absolutely powerful profile… 🙂

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  11. Hello Imran, you have an impressive bio and intriguing blog, especially when it comes to Western Women as I am one. 🙂 Thank you so much for all your likes on my blog and I look forward to reading more of yours. Cheers!

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  12. I appreciate your interest in In Saner Thought…..hope to see you often….thanx…..chuq

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  13. Interesting !!
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Happy to meet you. 🙂 🙂

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  14. Wow, I’m honored you enjoyed my blog. Your bio is very impressive. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you’ll stop by often, doors always open at Jean’s Writing.

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  15. Glad to have met online. I look forward to your posts.

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  16. Nice to meet you! Please come visit me sometime at my blog!

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  17. Hi Imran Ali, I encountered your likes on few of my works, thank you so for sailing to my world and read.


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  18. Hey Imran! Just nominated you for the Sunshine Award:) Post will be up soon on my blog for details!

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  19. Wow! Amazing Bio.Very impressive.You have accomplished so much in life.It is very admirable,and inspiring.I really liked your post about the way Hijab is perceived in the West by some people.
    Happy to have found your Blog.Thank you for the likes 🙂
    Happy Blogging 🙂

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  20. You have a very impressive profile. Your articles are always so enlightening.

    It’s a pleasure to interact with you.

    God bless you!

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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  21. Hi. I do not remember making any comment on Deception of Materialism. Are you sure it was me?

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  22. Your profile is interesting and impressive. Thanks for liking my posts.

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  23. Hi Imran
    I can already sense the charsima in your writing. For a reader like me, your blog is just the right place. Excited to dive into it. Can you share with me the link of your first article-New world order Vs Just world order. I am eager to have a look at it. Great knowing you!


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  24. Hi Imran

    I can already sense the charsima in your writing. For a reader like me, your blog is just the right place. Excited to dive into it. Can you share with me the link of your first article-New world order Vs Just world order. I am eager to have a look at it. You got quite an interesting childhood. Great knowing you!


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  25. Thank you for visiting my blog. I’ll come to read yours 🙂


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  26. Brother, I nominated you to 3 days 3 quotes challenge

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  27. Hi, Imran! Nice to meet you — thanks for the like! You’ve got great taste in literature, by the way (which is a determining factor of an awesome human being). I look forward to reading your posts 🙂

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  28. […] Imran Ali at Shake Your Conscience […]

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  29. Hi Imran, thanks for stopping by my humble blog. I look forward to reading your posts 🙂

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  30. Agreement and disagreement is no problem; I thank G-d for a man like you whom I can respect! All the best!

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  31. Impressed by your bio (y) Thanks for the likes and you have got a new reader, most likely to turn into your fan soon. I have loved the two posts that I have read uptill now. 😉

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  32. Hey Imran hope this finds you well? I have nominated your blog for an award and here’s the link http://wp.me/p2Mxgu-1bQ
    Cheers, Saadia

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  33. Imri,
    Here is your chance to enjoy full uncensored platform for your opinion: https://falkuncensored.wordpress.com/

    I welcome you to come and comment at your leisure



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  34. Hi Imran, you have such a nice blog! I really love your about page and all the work you do. Can you share me the link of your article? I would like to have a look at it. 🙂


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  35. Hey dear!
    Glad we connected and nice knowing you more. Itna tho pata tha ki awesome writer ho par the journey towards a great writer is awesome.
    I’m so happy that I connected with you and looking forward to learn more.
    Thank you, dear!! 🙂

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  36. Asalam Aleikum, thank you bringing up this blog, it is one that all of us should follow. Allah Barik! – Cezane

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  37. Salaams, I tagged you on a post and if you wish to check it at http://wp.me/p2Mxgu-1mk
    Thanks a lot 🙂

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  38. Hi Imran Asalam O Alaikum, how are you? Please see this and tell me what you think of it at http://wp.me/p2Mxgu-1nu
    Thanks a lot.

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  39. Sir I have a request. I am doing a multi-religious Q/A of 3 simple questions that can be answered in no more than 4 sentences each. As a well educated Muslim I presume, you would be representing Islam. Would you please help me by answering three simple questions. There will be no praise or criticism of your comments in my post: strictly objective post. The intent is to show the vast differences in the answers based on religious affiliation. Here are the questions:

    What is the meaning of life?
    Is there an afterlife?
    If so, how do you get there?

    I’ve been searching for a candidate on here and I’m choosing you if you are willing. Thank you.

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    • Sir thank you for visiting my blog and reading some of m best material. Would you be willing to help me with my questions above? I’m running short of time to find someone.

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      • Yes I ve already gave u all answers in ur last post

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      • Alright thank you for the details. I will do my best to summarize for my post.

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      • Islam = submission to the Will of Allah (GOD).

        Islam has beginning and end. Those who embrace Islam are called Muslims. The word Muslim is derived from the word Peace. The traditional muslim greeting is peace be unto you.

        Who is Allah? Allah is The One and The Only God who created the worlds, Angels (created by light), Jinn (created by Fire), Satan (devil) is an outcast Jinn, man (created from sounding clay), animals and contents of the universes. Allah is One, there is no God other than Him, without any partners, He is eternal without a beginning and enduring without end, Absolute, Self-Sufficient, Self-Existing, never dies, not borne nor gives birth, has no companion and nothing is comparable to Him. He never sleeps nor slumbers. All-Knowing, All-Hearing, All-Seeing. Nothing happens except what He wills. He gives life and death. He is The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful. He is intensively and continuously merciful to his creatures even though Non Muslims do not believe in him. He is far above from any created being. He is The Creator of everything in the universe, heaven and earth and its content. He will never perish or come to an end. When Allah wants anything to happen he says “Be” and it is. Muslims do not believe that Allah assumed Human form and came down to this earth. Human body form has animal properties and animal characteristics are created by Allah. Allah is high above all the creations.

        Creation of Mankind

        The first Man’s (Adam ) body was created from sounding clay. His companion woman “Hava ” was created from Adam’s rib. All his descendant’s bodies are created by sperm of man and ovum of women. Jesus (Prophet ISA) son of Mariam (Mary) was created by Allah’s word (Be and it is) like Adam but in Mariam’s womb. Jesus was a human prophet and not son of God. He was not crucified but taken up alive (Holy Quran).

        Allah breathed into the body of man part of His spirit called (Ruh) Soul . When the soul enters the body it becomes alive. When this soul is withdrawn from the body it dies and the body decays, putrefies and is eaten by microorganisms. Every day man experience temporary death at night when he sleeps and resurrects when he wakes up. Allah keeps his soul in a safe place during his sleep. Allah has appointed angels as guardians to the right and left side and allowed satan to disturb humans. All these facts are described in Holy Quran.

        Stage 1. Life in Lau Ho Mahfuz.

        Allah created all the souls of the descendants of Adam and Hava who were predestined to come to this earth. Everything about the universes and our soul before and after creations are documented and recorded in the tablet (book) board in heaven(Lau Ho Mahfuz).

        Allah once asked all the created souls, “who is your Lord?”. All the souls said “You are our Creator our Lord”. But souls forget the covenant when they descend to the earth. Some have faint or vague memory of Allah (God) in the inner core of the heart. At times of life threatening danger man will automatically shout “Oh God !”. But who is that God? If no one tells him he will not know. At that time they usually do not address false gods. They usually point up to the heaven and say Almighty God meaning ALLAH.. If they say that many times they will forget false gods. That is the inner instinct of Humans.

        Stage 2. Life in the mother’s womb.

        The soul is sent down to this earth into the body of fetus developed in the mother’s womb and the fetus becomes alive. The fetus was swimming in the amniotic fluid inside the uterus like a fish. It does not breathe air. The fetus was fed by the blood through the placenta of the mother and supplied to the body of the fetus by means of umbilical cord. In pregnant women there is no menstruation until the baby is born. Do we remember how we lived 9 months inside the mother’s womb?

        Stage 3. Life in this world.

        At the fetal age of 36 to 40 weeks (pregnancy) the baby is born. The baby breaths the first time and cries. Whereas the nurses, friends, parents and relatives laugh, are happy and praise the baby. When the same baby become old and dies, the relatives and friends cry. Some practice infanticide (kill babies) if the baby is female. Islam does not allow infanticide and abortion. The newly born baby is clean, innocent , free from sins, grows, develops , learns and is brought up in muslim families or in non-muslim families. The soul in the baby forgot Allah and the promise (covenant) given in the heaven that Allah is his Creator and Lord.

        The babies brought up in muslim families will be taught Quran and reminded about Allah and Islam to worship only The One Allah. To avoid worshipping false gods. False gods are either made by man from wood or stone or the creation of Allah (such as sun , moon, tree, fire, water, animals , spirits, the content of the universe). Muslims only worship one creator (Allah) but not the creations. Muslims do not associate anything with Allah. Allah has sent 124,000 Prophets from the time of Adam to the time of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), the last Prophet, to remind all mankind to worship one God Allah. There were divine revelations (books) sent down through Prophets including Abraham, David , Solomon, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (Pbuh).

        Muslims believe all the Prophets and their books (psalms, Torah, Bible and Quran). Quran is the latest divine revelation (words of Allah) revealed to Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) 1400 years ago and is preserved without any flaws and amendments done by humans up to date. Whereas all the other Holy books were altered or corrected by humans and the original statements were corrupted and become doubtful. Allah said in Quran he will preserve the Holy Quran until the end of the world so no man can alter it. Quran is preserved in the hearts of Hafizs (Those who have memorized the whole book Holy Quran by heart). There are millions of Hafizs in this world. Burning all the copies of Quran will not make miraculous Quran disappear from this world. Quran is revealed in Arabic language whereas the Bible was revealed in Hebrew language. Quran updates all the previous holy books and teaches mankind about universal laws, moral concepts and narratives. The Quran’s timeless text remains a miracle, an inspiration and guide to all humanity.

        Muslims believe in Quran and follow Prophet’s saying and example of his way of life. Those who believe in one Allah, his prophets, his books, his angels, the last day of judgment, the next life, good or bad come from predestined decree of Allah, the existence of hell and heaven, reward for good people and punishment of bad people are called Muslims. All souls are provided with limited free will to choose. There is no compulsion in Islam. All souls have to taste death. When the soul leaves the body, relatives and friends cry. The soul of man will be extracted by the angel of death either gently or roughly when the time is ripe. When a soul is pulled out from the body man must remember his faith in Allah (that Allah is his Creator) otherwise he will be sent to hell.

        Satan, the devil is proud and cast out by Allah because he is jealous of Adam, disobeyed Allah, and became avowed enemy of Mankind. He has the power to disturb man from the front, behind, by the sides and can enter the body, whisper evil in Man’s heart as approved by Allah. Satan, the devil’s job is to mislead man to hell. It is easy for Satan to mislead non-muslims to worship other than Allah but not true Muslims. Satan will destroy Muslims by using many tactics but especially by 1. Jealousy and 2. Greediness . Satan was punished because of jealousy and Adam was punished because of greed. Satan certainly will try to persuade muslims at the time of death when a person is in semi conscious state to say that there are other gods than Allah. If Satan succeeds the soul of Muslim or non Muslim will go out from the body at the time of death without faith and that soul will enter hell.

        Muslims therefore practice and profess “there is no God except Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah” (in Arabic “La ilaaha illallah Muhammadur Rasullulah“) it must be said by mouth and believed in the heart all the time and practiced all the time to make it habitual during sleep or while awake or in shock or distress. Allah has provided a way for mankind to drive away Satan by uttering the divine revelation ‘A-‘oo thu bil-laa-hi mi-nash-shai-taa-nir ra-jeem. Bis-mil-laa-hir- Rah-maa-nir Ra-heem.” meaning “I seek refuge in Allah from Satan the outcast, In the name of Allah , The Most Gracious , The Most Merciful”. Whenever a Muslim starts to do anything e.g. eat, drink, sleep, travel, switch on the computer, open the book to read or write, enter bath room , twilight , travel, enter into vehicle, sleep with his wife, gets up from sleep, he recites this verse to drive away Satan.

        Muslims always say in good or bad status Alhamdulillah (All praises and thank be to Allah), that is submission to the Will of Allah. Muslims will say to Allah “Thee do we worship and Thine aid we seek. Please show us the right way.” Muslims must understand that we are tourists travelling and not permanent in this world. We must love Allah more than our life. Family and other worldly things come next. Allah says in Holy Quran “Man and Jinn are created for nothing except to worship (serve) Allah”. So our first priority is to serve Him and to please Him with good intention. Allah will not accept the worship or service if performed without good intention e.g. To Pay charity or pray to show off will not be accepted. Intention of doing any good must be to please Allah. Muslims are Vicegerent (representatives) of Allah. Muslims always say Insha Allah (God willing) before they plan to do things. Masha Allah (will of God) to appreciate things.

        In order to die as a Muslim with faith one must also practice virtues of Islam (good practice) such as the 5 pillars of Islam.

        1. Faith (“Laa ilaha illallah Muhamadur Rasullulah“) “there is no God except Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah”, it must be believed in the heart and said by mouth repeatedly to become habitual and to not forget at the time of accident or sleep or distress or death. This is the most important faith. This is the visa to enter paradise. Without faith one may not enter paradise. The biggest tug of war inside our soul is faith. A muslim will not bow his head to anything living or non living to worship except Allah.

        2. Pray five times a day (dawn, afternoon, evening, sunset and night).

        3. Pay Zakat (poor man’s money Alms)

        4. Fasting one month in Ramadan

        5. Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca) once in a life time.

        The first two are compulsory and a must for all muslims. The other three depends upon one’s health and wealth. The above practice with good intention will make a muslim the best person on the earth and remember Allah at the time of death. At the time of death if a muslim or a non-muslim remembers Allah and utters “La ilaaha illallah Muhamadur Rasullulah” (“there is no God except Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah”), he will be taken to paradise and otherwise to hell. So non-muslims may remember The Creator just before death and enter paradise because Allah has kept open His door of forgiveness and mercy until before his death. A Muslim cannot point at the non-muslims and say he is going to hell because he himself is not sure about hell or paradise.

        Therefore this stage 3 is very important testing ground for human being. It is the duty of muslims to remind each other and his non-muslim friends about Allah, death, the next life (resurrection), reward and punishment, hell and paradise. Muslims are like living in jail in this temporary world. Muslims must obey the laws stated in Quran, avoid adultery, alcohol, gambling, cheating, observe Halal (lawful) and Haram (unlawful) food and Halal and Haram money and usury, etc. Muslims must undergo many tests and practice Islam. Muslims must be patient constantly, must bear and accept that good and bad are preordained and decreed by Allah and say Alhamdullilah (All praise and thank be to Allah) all the time in order to enjoy reward in the Hereafter, which is everlasting. Muslims must work hard in this third stage temporary world with fear, repentance , ask forgiveness for wrong doing mistakes with hope and mercy from God to prevent from hell fire and enjoy reward in the next life. Muslims will say “Our prayers, our good deeds, our life and death are for Allah our Lord, Creator of the Worlds.” Allah created evil but He does not like it. Allah created good and He likes it. He encourages us and guides us to do good. He will guide and protect the obedient servants. But those who refuse to accept Allah’s revelation sent to prophets, and follow Satan, Allah will not guide them any more. They will go astray. Allah will forgive all kinds of sins except Polytheism.

        Stage 4. Death.

        After the soul is drawn from the body Allah keeps it in a place called Alam Barzaak. Good people’s soul are kept in a good place and bad people’s soul in a bad place until Kiyamat (Judgment day) arrives, when everything is destroyed except Allah. There will be resurrection of all Mankind

        Stage 5. Resurrection on the Judgment day.

        All souls will get up from the graves. Obedient souls will go to paradise for ever. Disobedient souls will go to hell for punishment. Those who ignore or reject or refuse to believe Allah and who worshipped false gods rather than Allah, The Creator , in this world , will go to Hell forever in the next world. Muslims do not believe in Incarnation (reborn again) to this world.

        Stage 6. The end stage for disobedient soul is to enter Hell fire.

        Stage 7. The end stage for obedient soul is peaceful to enter paradise in the form of new creation with different forms. Allah said that it is easy for Him to do so (Holy Quran). In paradise they will be free from sickness, illness and will at all times be healthy, clean, peaceful and satisfied with provisions, with beautiful young companions and of no ageing, to dwell in forever. This is because Allah is satisfied with the soul who is obedient to His Divine laws and the soul is also satisfied with Allah.

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  40. I do appreciate your response and again I will not be giving any commentary to the post I make. I do want to say that based on my views as a Christian and what I know about Islam, I would like for you to read this post of mine as well. It is a different perspective of yours but I hope you will respect my view just as I do yours: https://th3platform.com/2016/08/15/who-has-the-real-answers/

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  41. That’s one impressive bio read! Great Going 🙂

    Also thank you for dropping by my site and for all the likes. Highly appreciated 🙂

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  42. Imran, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for liking my poems ! Means a lot for a beginner like me who has just got into blogging. From being an introvert to an extremely reluctant writer who has now plunged into public forum with her poetry creations….I am nervous yet excited !

    Your writings are very interesting and I very much look forward to reading more from you. Hope you would keep sparing time to read my poems and I would very much appreciate your feedback on them.

    Thanks again and my very best to you for all your endevours !!

    Cheers !!
    Chhaya 🙂

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  43. Hello there,
    It was an absolute pleasure to login to my account to see a list of your likes. Much Appreciated. 🙂 Your bio page, seems to tell alot about you. 🙂 Glad to see a person with progressive ideas. Keep pacing on 🙂 Keep Smiling !

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  44. A very impressive blog….so glad i stumbled upon this!….i really can’t find the follow button…could you help me out?

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  45. I scrolled through your blog and read few posts.All posts are so full of substance and knowledge.Well you have a great point of view which clearly reflects in your posts which are so coherent and intelligible!
    Anyways,being a Lucknowite, I wonder how I didn’t know about you earlier.Where do you reside in lko,sir?

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  46. Hello!! And a Big Hi!! Thanks for dropping by my blog and liking my posts. I’m an amateur at Blogging. Its quite encouraging to see someone of ur stratum liked them!
    Thanks & Regards.

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    • Hullow Aparna !

      Thanks for your kind remarks love and support.
      Well I am very simple humble and normal human being like yourself ….
      I say Wat I think and ponder.
      I’m very glad to see n read ur encouraging words.

      Blogging is notta rocket science it’s very simple as we speak to one another.

      I.ll read you beauryful writings always.

      Love &
      Regards! ! !

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