Imran Ali
Lucknow u.p india

Bio: IMRAN ALI AT A GLANCE Imran Ali, born and brought up in Lucknow, is a freelancer(Self Employed professional) who came to blogging after repeated requests by his permanent readers. At an age of 12, because of his absent mindedness at School, he left conventional schooling system when his father, Suleiman Ali (Restauranteur) was fed up of his mischievousness. And he, being a hiper-active and problematic child was happy with his decision and took an oath to follow a daily routine that composed of his Studies and boxing practice. Later he won district level championship, the career which was cut-short by an accident. At the time of recovery he invested his time in studying the literary masters like Guy Maupassant, Mark Twain, Leo Tolstoy, Franz kafka, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Miguel De Cervantes, and the fables of Mullah Nauru-din. That give him a fair idea of literature. And his hunger increased with the time. He was obsessed with the literature of all the philosophers including Averroes(Ibne-Rushd), Dante, Karl Marx, Neitzche, Sigmund Freud, Dr. Mohammed Iqbal, Leopold Weiss etc. He paid special care to the Political, philosophical and religious studies to study the nature of human in a better way. He has a mastery over Urdu, Hindi, and English. Now he is taking interest in functional Arabic and Hebrew. Imran Ali’s first article ''New World Order Vs Just World Order,'' won International critical praise, and was published by The Companion and Radiance, including a recent concise version in Lucknow Observer. He has participated in several debates, dialogues and symposiums of different national and international topics. He is also a social activist, who likes writing on the misconceptions of Women issues which are unnecessarily triggered in our society. Imran Ali is very open-minded and charismatic writer, who could at first seem offending but, on closer inspection of his works emerges as a revolutionary. The reason why his readers like his works. And the best thing about him is, he knows how to perfectly defend himself in the critical views of his works. That is to say, he loves the intellectual battle in International Arena. (The Web World/Editor) .

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  1. Thanks, right! You are lucky to be in Lucknow, I have beautiful memory from there.

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  2. Nice introduction.. you are blessed with a strong mind 🙂

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  3. Thank you for your recent visits to A Voice Reclaimed https://avoicereclaimed.com. While our religious and political views differ, I am gratified to see we agree that child abuse is a crime. I encourage you to use your talents and platform to spread that message.

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  4. Thank you for liking so many of my poems 🙂 I hope you will revisit my blog when you have time.

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  5. Very nice thoughts. Happy I found your blog!

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  6. The city I come from is filled with boys going haywire and dropping out from education at school or college level, whatever. Pertaining to activities nobody is proud of. They have no respect in the society. No decent girl would ever marry them. Lol! And you Imran look so uncommon. Your story is intriguing. Inspiring actually! Great going. Best of all to you.

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