Victory over insomia easy tricks 

“Breathing strongly influences physiology and thought processes, including moods. By simply focusing your attention on your breathing, and without doing anything to change it, you can move in the direction of relaxation.”

Dr. Andrew weil
Here is how you do the exercise:
Place the tip of your tongue against the tissue ridge right above your upper front teeth. Keep it there for the remainder of the exercise.

Exhale completely through your mouth, making a whoosh sound as you do so.

Close your mouth and inhale slowly through your nose while mentally counting to four.

Hold your breath for a mental count of seven.

Exhale completely through your mouth for a mental count of eight. Make the same whoosh sound from Step Two.

This concludes the first cycle. Repeat the same process three more times for a total of four renditions.

37 comments on “Victory over insomia easy tricks 

  1. Ty for sharing

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  2. Excellent Advice on
    Breathing and nice
    To see you Back
    Blogging.. Imran..
    With SMiLes.:)

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  3. Long time no see, anxiously awaiting some new gem from your side too.
    Meanwhile, will try this to help the insomnia!

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  4. Nice…😊

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  5. Great post! I have really bad insomnia and paying attention to breathing when employing mindfulness is incredibly important. Thanks for sharing!

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  6. Some very useful tips..but what about people who are obsessed with the idea of staying up all night…they prefer to be night owls than morning birds…story of my life..iska bhee koi hal bataden !!

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  7. Thanks for sharing, Imran! Shared this on my Blog, under Your name.


    (Where is the Re-blog button?)

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  8. Lovely post for all of us insomniac people!
    Bravo Imran, MashAllah very well written feature.

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  9. Masyaaallah great post! Thanks for sharing^^

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  10. Thanks for sharing ☺️

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  11. Sometimes I have trouble sleeping so I can totally relate to this! Great post, thanks for sharing ☺

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  12. Oh woww…such an impressive post and awesome tips…
    very useful to me(I m a terrible insomniac 😊)….

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  13. Thank you for your tips!
    I’ll try some of them

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