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Resurrection: Ertuğrul (Diriliş: Ertuğrul) is a historical Turkish television series. The show explores the history of the Oghuz Turks and the Muslim world before the establishment of the Ottoman Empire. Five seasons of the show are currently available on Netflix.

One man can change the destiny of his nation. Such heroic men are born once in a century and history remembers their names. One such man was Ertugrul (ارطغرل).A hero and the founder of the Ottoman Empire, Ertugrul (ارطغرل), is given tribute through the television series of the same title.Ertugrul (ارطغرل) saved hundreds of people of his clan.

He worked hard to provide them with a secure and safe life.The character of Ertugrul (ارطغرل) is played by the handsome, heroic-looking Engin Altan Düzyatan.Based on the history of the Muslim Oghuz Turks, the 13th century-set show focuses on the life of Ertu?rul, a famous warrior whose son – Osman I – would go on to found the Ottoman Empire.He’s described by the show’s synopsis as an ambitious man looking to bring peace to a country trapped in the grip of war.

Crusaders besiege his homeland on one side, with the Byzantines on the other.The all-consuming Mongol Empire, led by the Khans, is also encroaching on the borders.Then there’s the conflict between Ertugrul’s love life and his military ambitions; a multi-stranded plot that certainly rivals the ups, downs, twists and turns of Game of Thrones’ most exciting seasons

It is a genius tool to help Western society understand a part of Islamic history along with the values and principles of the religion. It even shows that not every person who looks and acts Muslim holds the same values in their heart.What It’s AboutThe show’s opening scene, as well as much of the plot, takes place in the Kayı tribe, a Turkish nomad tribe led by Suleyman Shah at the time. During a regular hunting trip, The son of the leader of the tribe, Ertuğrul, cross paths with prisoners who were taken captive by the Templars. In this scene, the strength and fighting skills of the Turks are revealed. By their skilled fighting, they were able to overcome the Templar soldiers and rescue the prisoners, bringing them back to their tent.The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, also known as Templars in the show, were a military order of the Catholics set into place in the year 1139. The story shows us their motives to recapture Jerusalem by starting a new Crusade. Since much of the land on the way to Jerusalem was occupied by Muslims at the time, their main strategy was the disruption of the Muslim world. They decided the easiest path to dominance was to make the Muslims fight another. Thus, they met with corrupt leaders in secrecy and placed spies in communities that posed threats to their goal.Image result for seljuk turks

The Templars are enraged as they realize their prisoners were freed. Once they narrow their search of the culprit, they pinpoint the sons of the Kayi tribe, They force their pawns in the Muslim to pressure the return of the prisoners.

Nevertheless, The Kayi tribe refuses to do so… but little did the tribe know that these events would reveal bigger issues involving the entire Muslim world.Historical Context: Jerusalem and the MongolsJerusalem was in the hands of Saladin, a founder of the Ayyubid dynasty. It was previously the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem which was established in 1099 after the First Crusade.In the year 1187, the Kingdom was mostly in the hands of Saladin. This caused Christian leaders and Kings to push for a new crusade, which was called the Third Crusade or the King’s Crusade. The Crusade ended by a signed treaty, allowing unarmed Christians in the city. The failure of the Crusaders during the 3rd Crusades caused the many more attempts to capture the Holy City.Image result for knights templar crusades

The supposed death of Suleyman Shah in the year 1236 and the Final Crusade lasting from 1207 to 1271 can point to that the timeline of the show being around the time of the Final Crusades.The Mongols are also an exposed threat to the cities and tribes during this time period. The Mongols started their conquest around the year 1206. In the year 1218, Shah Muhammad puts a Mongol envoy to death. This launches their empire to spread West. They were around the northern part of modern-day Iran around the year 1237.FaithThe show explores themes of deep corruption, minor error, growth, strength, and faith. There are many religious and moral values captured within each episode.The characters struggle to overcome the hardships placed upon them. The hardships lead some characters towards wickedness while also increasing the other’s faith. We see some characters who are misguided later become guided through repentance.Many references to the trials of the Prophets and their reliance on Allah are mentioned along with prayers. The optimism is shown as they hope Allah will help the tribe too if He wishes. There are also stories told of our beloved Prophet and mentions of Allah’s mercy.“The same God that turned Ibrahim’s fire into a lake will have mercy on your fire too.” – Wild Demir
Overall the show provides excellent examples and models of Islamic rules and values. It even forces us to examine if we are upholding these values ourselves. It is a beautiful reminder of how we are directed to act, speak, and even think as Muslims.

The series depicts very good and well-shot war scenes which bring to light the bravery of this hero. The main actors are Engin Altan Düzyatan, Esra Bilgiç, Kaan Taşaner, Didem Balçın, and Hülya Darcan.

Things I enjoyed

Religious reminders throughout the series
Incorporation of Islamic rules and values
The modesty of both female and male characters
Censoring/blurring of more graphic things
Usually very fast and packed with action
Historical timeline makes sense
Costumes stay close to the traditional clothing of that time
Background music choices
Things I didn’t enjoySometimes the men will hit women unjustly
Action dies down for a few episodes
Characters sometimes seemed oblivious

ConclusionResurrection: Ertuğrul is a good show all around. Packed with faith values and reminders along with interesting history lessons, it will surely become your new favorite show.

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34 comments on “Resurrection: Ertuğrul (Diriliş: Ertuğrul)

  1. Smiles.. Now as i continue to Circle Our Globe i find People who are filled
    Up with Love to Give and Share for Free who need not harm anyone else
    Providing Most All much respect and on the other Hand not all Folks are raised
    With And As Love Continually Gardened Now this way inside and out… This IS A
    Break Down oF all
    Humankind Now
    Namely Human
    Kind A Never Ending
    Story Actors Change
    Yet Characters Remain Now
    Religions and Cultures Change
    Colors too yet Our Human Conditions
    And Nature of God at Essence Remains
    DarK ThrU LiGHT For No Human to completely measure
    Yet one will do THeir best though to See and Do more of
    God as Love..
    Smiles my Friend…
    Nice to See You Blogging Again..:)

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  2. I’ll give this a try tonight…

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  3. Absolutely wholesome review.WWork to provide a aufficient backstory for anyone planning to watch it with otherwise little knkwledge of history.

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  4. مسلسل تاريخي عظيم جعل يتكلم عن عزة الاسلام التي نسيناها اليوم او بالاصح تناسيناها فاين الاسلام من ذاك الجيل او اين نحن من الاسلام تباعدنا عنه فتلاشى منا فبالحقيقه مسلسل تاريخي عظيم والاعظم منه هم الاتراك الذين يريدون ان يوصلو رساله لمن تغافل او نسى الاسلام بان الاسلام موجود فشكرا لكم ايها الانراك الف شكر

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  5. The series is really fasinating , it provides us the deep knowledge of the ottoman empire ,it has helped me to understand the turkish culture and its roots. The series might be broadcasted on the new islamic channel launched by turkey,malyaysia and pakistan.,if it so then it will help the western world to understand the concept of real islam ,which is being tormented by their hatred towards it. I have been overwhelmed after reading ur review Mr. Imran . God bless u…and give u strength to enlighten us. THANK YOU.

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  6. Love this series although I’m only on season 3 and struggling to find time to finish the rest. I agree with your reasons for why you love it /what you don’t like. The only thing I would add to the ‘dislike’ list is that it isn’t dubbed in English which is why I can’t find time to sit and watch (and read subtitles) lol. Great post.

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  7. Ah that’s amazing news! I’m looking forward to that 🙂

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  8. Hello, Imran! Once again a good post. …Have come across these ‘games,’ but never went in for them. …Your post is giving a lot of useful info indeed, and Thanks for that. …As for the Crusades, I have criticised them, as also the ‘Inquisition.’


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    • Thank you very much indeed
      Dear swami ji !
      Yes. crusade
      It was a dark era of humanity.
      True faith spread by love compassion, justice and equality
      But all these Taimir, Nadir Shah, and crusade kings n emperrors they done more damage to thier respective faith than good.

      I wish n Hope that you n your family healthy n safe.

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  9. Amo la serie Resureccion
    Enseña q occidente es falto de honorabilidad. Mientras, la filosofia musulmana es elevada y su la gente turca comprometida y poderosa. Llenos de amor y valores. No la he terminado y siento que me adentro y qye comprendo cada día más el mundo musulmán

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  10. I loved this series, though I often had to watch the first several dozen episodes several times each with the Turkish closed captions (my Turkish is about intermediate level).

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  11. I haven’t watched this series yet, I didn’t know it was the period before Ottoman Empire.. It seems u have special interest in history..

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